Wednesday, February 14, 2018


My Last Home

Twayler, our large trailer, remains stored at Lone Wolf Colony RV Resort in the City of Apple Valley, California. We have not actively been attempting to sell Twayler.

The main reason for not trying hard to sell Twayler is that we may wish to live in Twayler someday.

We cannot know what the future holds. It may be, that I will remain healthy for many years. If not, Twayler may be a good place to live.


Lake Murray
The Scampy RV Team is Day Camping at Mission Trails Regional Park at Lake Murray. This is an excellent place to Day Camp Monday thru Friday. On the weekends, working people come here. Too crowded on weekends for us.

There is a small store here that sells ice cream things. I always buy a NestlĂ© Drumstick cone. I believe that I am addicted to these things!

Born Free
Right now I am watching the movie, "Born Free." This movie describes the experiences of naturalist Joy Adamson raising a lion cub named Elsa.

Because we are connected to the internet, I broke off from the movie to see a world map showing where Kenya is located. Adamson's story takes place in Kenya.

In this way, I learn a bit of geography and read about Joy Adamson as well.



  1. Happy Valentines' Day, George.
    If it's pretty cheap to keep Twayler where she is....why not? Always good to have an ace in the hole!

    1. Hi Suz,

      Thank you! And Happy Valentines Day to you!

      Decisions like this are hard for me. It's like trying to predict the future.



  2. I agree to keep Twayler....never know about the future but I would find a permanent place to locate it soon because when you're incapacitated, it might be hard to find a place immediately. I'd do this while I'm able to do so...a nice place where climate remains relatively mild. I remember you thinking about buying property to put Twayler on...had that thought gone by the wayside?