Thursday, February 01, 2018

Special Guy

My Friend Boid

Boid is a gentle guy. He has never bitten me. Boid lets me pet his breast.

He comes out from his cage in order to search around the desktop. One of his favorite things is to look at himself in objects that reflect his image [ie: iPhone, window label with mirror back].

Baby Boid messing around with napkin


Keeping Scampy and Tránsito clean

Yesterday I learned what may cause Scampy and Tránsito to get dirty so fast. Much of that dirt comes from my own hands!

When washing my hands the other day, I noticed that when rinsing that there was grey water in the sink. Now, I am washing my hands several times a day.

Interesting to see how this works!

Mission Trails Park
at Lake Murray
We arrived here about three hours past. Our Camp is on the upper level, the lower level being too crowded.

Boid and I are outdoors and in the shade of MsScampy. Our view straight ahead is Cowles Mountain. Using binoculars hikers near the summit may be seen making their way along the switchback trail.

Sections of Lake Murray are visible thru the trees. Earlier there were fishing boats on the lake.

For about an hour, I listened to the Audible "Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank.



  1. I wash my hands thoroughly each time I use the restroom which is at least three or four times. In between, if I pet my dogs and decide to eat a sandwich, I wash my hands again. Lots of hand washing for me.

    1. Rita,

      I will be joining you in your clean hands routine.



  2. The trust and friendship of an animal/bird is a special gift.
    Also be careful to wash your hands after handling Boid too.

  3. pasadenaray12/2/18, 11:34 AM

    I wash my hands continuously throughout the day especially after touching things in public such as in the food store shopping carts door handles Etc. This helps to cut down on chances of catching a cold and flu virus. I also clean my steering wheel everyday in my van. I cannot stand getting dirt or germs on my hands from my steering wheel. If conserving water is a priority for you such as myself, I mix a solution in a squirt bottle of liquid soap water and a dash of vinegar and use that to wash my hands. No need to use sink water and space in your grey water tank. hope this helps. George you are my hero for living on the streets for so many years without paying any type of Campground fees. 😉👏🖒
    Cheerio from Annapolis Maryland

    1. Hi Ray,

      About your comment about living on the streets:

      I don't write about my Nite Camps anymore. I used to put a link on my Blog each nite showing a map of my Nite Camp Location.

      I stopped that because some evil ones began tracking me. Some of these persons did not seem stable when they came in contact with me.