Saturday, February 17, 2018

Things happen

More Stuff After Glasses

Later yesterday evening I returned to Rite Aid to look for the missing eyeglasses. I looked in store aisles where I had not walked with the idea that perhaps the glasses dropped to the floor and skittered away. Nothing!

When I left Rite Aid while driving thru the parking lot, a lady backed her car out without looking. The rear of her car knocked off Transito's driver side mirror! I was able to reattach the mirror.

The next day, I returned to Rite Aid to see if the missing glasses were turned in to lost and found. I actually found three eyeglasses that looked very much like the missing glasses. But, they were not my glasses!

After breakfast, I was cleaning up when I noticed that the top of the toilet room door's piano hinge had come loose at the top of the door. I went to Ace Hardware and bought 1-1/2" long screws to replace the 1/2" existing screws. That did the trick!

What more can happen?



  1. What more can happen?
    Maybe that's a question you don't want to know the answer to

    1 1/2 long screws how big is a door frame
    Next time use a toothpick ,,, take the screw out put the toothpick in the hole as far as it'll go and break it off, if you want to add gorilla glue to the toothpick that would be even better put the screwback in

  2. What more can happen? What can go wrong will go wrong :-)

    You will find the glasses when you stop looking

  3. If you google "chip to find lost glasses" - you will find several brands of little blue tooth chip stickers. I noticed : Orbit, the Look, Find-y, etc. You can stick one on the inside temple of glasses & other things you might lose (like wallet or keys). Then somehow you use an app on your phone to find lost things with special chips attached. Also, America's Best sells 2 pair of glasses for $ 69 and seems like you need several at such a good price.

  4. Three in a row, good to go!