Monday, February 26, 2018


Spending Time

How much time every day should a person spend considering what is important? I do not know the answer to this question. However, I suspect that at least a few moments would be the answer that leads one in the right direction.

In my travels with the Scampy Team, I've noticed that RV dealers all over California and Oregon have their lots overflowing with trailers and motorhomes. Is it possible that RV sales could go up and up forever? RV dealers seem to believe the answer to this question is, "Yes!"

My experience in predicting the future has been rather unsuccessful. Sometimes I am right about what will happen. Almost never am I right about when something will happen.

So, I've been spending time recently considering when the economic direction will change from up to down.


At one time, I possessed the movie, "Gandhi". The movie was lost when MsTioga died in 2014. I looked, as best I could, for the external drive that contained Gandhi. But, in the jumbled mess that the accident had made of the inside of MsTioga, I was unable to find that drive.

Just this morning, I bought Gandhi again from iTunes. I like having my movies in digital files instead of DVDs. Because DVDs seem to go bad for me.



  1. Gas is approaching $4 a gallon in CA. It costs a lot to take a trip at that rate. I suspect that as gas prices rise, RV sales will slip accordingly..

    1. Hi John,

      I suspect that an event much greater than the cost of gasoline awaits to occur. That event will cause a huge downward spiral in the welfare of many Americans.

      I cannot predict the what or when of that event. However, nothing goes up forever!



  2. You pose an interesting question about rv sales. According to the numbers, rv sales couldn't better. The bigger question for me is, Where will all of these rvs park if the number of rv parks is in decline? BLM is making it harder for land use, forest service offers less and boodocking is becoming more and more difficult as cities are clamping down on overnight parking.

    1. What you say is true boondocking is getting harder to do all the time but systems that allow cheap RV camping like 1000 Trails are flourishing. Highly recommended BTW...

  3. Typically the only way a DVD or Blu-ray will go bad is if it's scratched bad enough to make the laser unable to read the microscopic pits. But usually even then you can at least read the menu.

  4. If you want to do a prediction on the RV explosion
    It's probably going to be like the housing market before 2008
    You could only saturate the rv market just so much
    As for the housing market dont try to buy a house in the warmer southern climate cities the prices are going up faster than the temperature. In Florida you can't find an unemployed construction trade person if you tried

  5. RVing is bigger than ever and will continue to be so as the price of rent goes out of control. There is also a huge movement towards tiny homes as people realize they don't need to pay for huge indoor spaces they don't really need.

    The demographic of RVers is becoming younger and younger as well as the younger generation finds the ability to make money online through various means easier than ever coupled with generous cell plans that guarantee internet connectivity wherever you roam.

    This trend will only get bigger and alternative fuels like hydrogen fuel cells and electric power will also enter the equation...