Friday, February 16, 2018


Living Easy

It's really terrific not to have the responsibilities that I had when I was younger. A little while ago, I was thinking about what I wanted to do today.
➜ Make this Blog post
➜ Grocery shop
➜ Dump holding tanks and fill fresh water tank

Also, lately I have been spending time on improving the foods that I eat. Tuna Salad is a meal that I not only enjoy eating, it is also good for me. Bagged coleslaw is used for the salad. Tuna Salad was added to my menu only recently. 

What do you think? Is this life of mine easy, or what?


Eyeglasses disappeared!
When I returned to Scampy after shopping, my eyeglasses were NOT in my eyeglass case!

They disappeared!

I retraced my route back into the Rite Aid store. Nothing!

I left my phone number with the store.

I'm using my old eyeglasses now in order to be able to read.



  1. George, check your library or online books for "Nomadland" by Jessica Bruder. You'll feel even more lucky.

  2. Go to With your written eyeglass prescription you can order a couple pairs of Rx eye-ware for $40 or less. They will arrive within 2 weeks. I've used them several times.

    1. George, I've got several pair from Zenni. They are very reasonably priced but I wouldn't count on getting them in two weeks. The last pair I purchased with expedited shipping took a month to receive. They're made out of country and shipping mode like expedited doesn't start until they're made.

  3. George,
    You might consider an eye glass lanyard that will keep your glasses around your neck. You can also order glasses that have lenses good for distance and reading so you don’t have to take them on and off.

  4. That's good advice, RV Bond. I have trifocals (with no lines). I love them because I can change from distant to close viewing like people do with excellent vision. They also are Transitions and work as sunglasses.

    The cost is worth it.

  5. Check in Transito, between the seats or under them for your glasses.