Tuesday, February 06, 2018



Both Baby Boid and I need water.  Boid's water cup is changed every morning. Boid's water is replenished from my 1-liter sports bottle.

My goal with water is to drink 2-liters per day. Often, I drink perhaps 1.5 liters on many days.

Our water is carried in a 3-gallon water dispenser that contains a convenient valve. We refill this 3-gallon dispenser at Glacier water machines.


Apple's HomePod
Boid and I listen to music a lot! Before Boid's black blanky is removed from his cage each morning, Little iPhone chooses a music album to play.

We feel that iPhone has good music sound quality. Not as good as Mac. But pretty good.

Reviews of Apple's new HomePod tells that music sound quality is superior. We are very interested in superior music sound quality!

SpaceX Rocket Launch
Only 115 years ago, Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the Flyer 1, the first heavier than air powered aircraft.

Today, a SpaceX rocket launched a Tesla automobile into orbit!




  1. George,
    Do you have a Bluetooth speaker? These work quite well and produce good quality sound.

  2. Proper hydration is needed for mental alertness too.
    Good for you, George.

  3. Space six heavy lift what up at 3:45 perfect launch
    10 miles away we could hear the lift off and then the sonic boom of the reusable fuel tanks Landing
    Along with 100 and hundreds of people that were at the beach
    Now if Henry Ford had some insight that would've been a ford pick up up there not a Tesla

  4. Thought you might like something interesting
    Spacex in flight

  5. Hey George! Like you, I enjoy music on my IPhone. I find the sound to be better on the IPad, but if I really want quality sound, I use my Bose mini sound link Bluetooth speaker. Pricey, but WOW what a difference!

  6. Hope that you are doing well George.

    Mark in Palm Springs