Sunday, March 04, 2018


My Blog Posts

I would like make a Blog post to you every single day. With that said, however, I often find that I lack something new to Blog to you.

Please know that I continue to live my vagabonding life. Making each Nite Camp in a different location so as not to be a discomfort to my neighbors.

Maintaining Scampy and Señor Tránsito in good condition. A little maintenance each day works well.

Studying history is a passion which gives me great comfort.

I used to love to prepare meals for myself. However, in recent years my appetite has decreased so much, that I now am satisfied with snacks. A carrot. Some nuts. Cereal with milk. Occasionally a breakfast of matzoh and eggs. Not too often, a Belgian waffle. No more bacon or sausage.

Every other day I go to 24 Hour Fitness.

Playing with Baby Boid.


Cardiff By The Sea
Since it is a beautiful day, we wanted to look at the Pacific Ocean. So, we drove north as close to the coast as we could get. Only thing is, parking for the Scampy Team could not be found with a nice view of the Ocean.

We kept going north, looking. Nice drive! We came to Cardiff By The Sea where Little iPhone was able to get a glimpse of the Pacific from about a mile distant.

The Pacific Ocean at Cardiff By The Sea



  1. Hi George, When we traveled in our RV, I used to love blogging about our adventures. It is also an excellent way of documenting things for future reminisces. I stopped blogging when we finished traveling, for the same reason - not much of interest to blog about. Stay in touch with us on occasion, though, so we can continue to enjoy your unique life style.

  2. Hi John,

    Later in the day I took a day trip north looking for a nice view of the Pacific Ocean.

    Found a nice view about 18 miles north of San Diego at Cardiff By The Sea. First time in many weeks since I ventured out of San Diego County!



  3. George, did your appetite decrease when you started eating "only until you were no longer hungry"? I think that's how you lost weight?

  4. I agree. I blog when we are on a trip be it boondocking, work travel or non-rving vacations. I guess I could write about something everyday but I´m not sure readers would be interested.

    I check in with you every day and whatever you´re up to is of interest to me.

    I guess I could be of more service to rvers in Mexico as I have lived here for over 30 years. Maybe I need a new format where people can ask questions. :)

  5. sorry, George, you were still in San Diego County -- if you follow the coast, you'll be out just south of San Clemente