Monday, March 05, 2018


Self-Realization Fellowship

Last Nite the Scampy Team Camped in the City of Encinitas. We are close to the Self-Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. We will be going to visit SRF today.

The garden of SRF is so very gorgeous. You may have read my Blog posts about my prior visits there. The SRF garden has a view from high over the Pacific Ocean. Water streams and falls in the garden give the visitor a sense of peacefulness and serenity.

Click [Here] for a MsTioga Magazine story about the Self-Realization Fellowship.


SRC Closed
When we arrived at SRC's gate, we were met with a sign!

No big deal! We will Day Camp on the street alongside the Self-Realization Center. Nite Camp again here in the City of Encinitas. Then return for our visit.

Library View
We have arrived at the public library in the City of Encinitas in order use the WiFi to backup Little iPhone.

The view from the hill above the library is so neat!

Lassie Come Home
I've just watched the movie, "Lassie Come Home" [1943]. I first saw this movie during WW2 when I was about 6-years old. Oh my how a cried when Lassie is limping to the school in the ending scene!

This is the story of a collie dog who lives in England. Every school day a 4pm, Lassie went to meet his friend Joe at the school. One day Joe's family has to sell Lassie. They are poor and need the money.

Lassie escapes several times. And each time returns at 4pm at the school to meet his friend Joe. Eventually, Lassie lives in Scotland. Far from his home with Joe in Yorkshire, England. But, Lassie escapes again!

This movie stars Roddy McDowall and a young Elizabeth Taylor. Click [Here] to view.



  1. George,

    Are you using the library to download audio books and ebooks?

  2. I remember crying through that one too. Such a beautiful dog. Old Yeller was a real 2 hankie too.