Friday, March 02, 2018

Missing glasses

Found My Eyeglasses

The Scampy Team is at the dump station at the South Shores Boat Launch Ramp. After dumping both black and grey water tanks and filling the fresh water tank, I was returning the hoses to their place in TrĂ¡nsito's storage area.

My luggage bag was a little out of place. When I went to move the bag, I saw my eyeglasses sticking out from under the bag. At first, I thought the these were my replacement eyeglasses. Reaching into my pocket, I found the replacement glasses.

The glasses that were under the bag are the lost glasses. Now I have two pairs of prescription eyeglasses!

Lost now found!



  1. Great news...a pair and a spare!!!

  2. Told you that they would show up if you stopped looking :-)

  3. George you need to get a lanyard for your glasses. With them hanging around your neck they will not get misplaced (ask me how I know) lol.

  4. Hi George.... maybe time to listen to several renditions of "Amazing Grace".... glad you found your glasses.

  5. Hey George. Looking good!

  6. Horraye on finding the glasses. Maybe get one of them turned into sunglasses.

  7. George, isn't it amazing how things seem to hide from us as we get older?

  8. I have to admit, that I am happy you have your glasses, George! Blessings, Lynn