Thursday, March 15, 2018


My 24 Hour Fitness routine got changed this morning! By 7:55am, I was soaking in the spa. After soaking for 10-minutes, I exercised. I usually do exercising first, then the spa. Mixing things up is good for me.

The 24 Hour where I work out is on Clairmont Mesa and is one of the best clubs that I have used. The machines here are really high quality. And there are lots of duplicate machines so that it's not necessary to wait.

In the future, I may begin to use free weights to do my exercising.


Grocery shopping
A couple of miles away from the 24 Hour Fitness is a Food For Less grocery. This grocery chain has the lowest prices, in my opinion.

When I do my shopping at Vons, my bill is close to twice that of Food For Less. I only go to Vons because it carries things that I am unable to buy at other groceries. For example, Matzoh and Jewish rye bread.

I also shop for groceries at Sprouts Farmers Market and Trader Joe's because both these stores have really neat specialty items. For example, cookies and frozen meals.

Ventura Cove
We are Afternoon Camped at Ventura Cove in lovely Mission Bay. The Scampy Team comes here often because this site is near the Pacific Ocean.

The view out Scampy's window is so special.

View at Ventura Cove



  1. Isn't it amazing how looking out over water is so relaxing?!?

  2. I use both free weights and machines. A combination works well for me although I have to say I like free weights best.