Thursday, March 01, 2018

Street camping

Santee Lakes

My friend Pete Olson sent an email asking about Santee Lakes. Would I live at Santee Lakes again? Probably not.

I am now living on the streets for free.

When I was living at Santee Lakes I figured that I would be dead now. No need to be conservative with cash.

But then in 2014, I had that big accident with MsTioga, and the doctors fixed my bad heart. Now I am so healthy!

Who knew?!


Women working out
When I worked out this afternoon at 24 Hour Fitness, I wondered again as I have so many times before, about the large number of women working out.

When I first began working out at World Gym in Walnut Creek, California in the 1970s, hardly any women worked out. 

This afternoon one of the trainers at 24 Hour Fitness offered that people are more health conscious now. Also, that having muscles has become an in-thing for women.



  1. Rob,

    I for one did not ever believe that I would live into my 80s. With the cancer that got me and then my heart problems, even my doctors were surprised at my life span.

    And when I stopped taking all prescription medication, my cardiologist predicted a stroke! But here I am, more healthy than I have been for years!