Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Just yesterday I Blogged to you that I viewed a video about John Adams. Also, I viewed videos about Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

In response to my Blogging, a Reader commented on visiting Monticello, Jefferson's home. That got me to thinking about traveling with the Scampy Team to the State of Virginia to visit Monticello myself.

In the past, traveling was so easy for me. That's why I imagine traveling to Virginia. I also dream about traveling to Guatemala again. Also, Utah to visit the lovely National Parks.

Then I get to comparing staying in the San Diego area with all of these traveling options. Hmmmmm? I'm really comfortable here in San Diego!

I have an account at Bullion Vault [BV]. I don't have much in that account. Only about $500 in gold. BV is the easiest way for an individual to buy and own gold. Safest too. My gold is stored in a vault in Singapore.

Just this morning I was considering buying more gold. But then I remembered that whenever I think about buying gold, that likely means that the gold price is just about to tumble. Because I am a typical buy high and sell low investor.

Would you like to know more about Bullion Vault? Click [Here].

Tank purged and filled
We only found one place that would purge and fill our new propane tank. Ferrell Gas near the Miramar Marine Base.

We learned somethings about propane tanks:
➜ New propane tanks sold in California have a gage similar to ours.
➜ The gage is operated by a magnetic float inside the tank.
➜ Our new tank appears to be very high quality.



  1. Scampy is right behind you wherever you go. You can be comfortable anywhere

    1. Hi Andrew,

      You are so right! Scampy is the perfect size. Comfortable as can be. 😎



  2. On your gold purchase you have a service fee of four dollars per month $48 a year if I read the brochure right and the broker gets .02% Per trade
    The price of gold today is 1345.26 t,oz your share of that t, ounce comes out to 2.70% or 500$
    And the worst part is you can't put it in your little hot hands (Singapore)
    If you buy on the market a 1 g bar 55$ and a 10 g bar 455$ you have your $500 in your hands
    as you well know when you go to sell your grams you're going to get a third less than what you paid for them
    How to scare yourself go to any pawnshop or gold broker dealer and tell them you have a 10 g gold bar 455$ and asked him how much he would give you to purchase it today
    Look at it this way The only one that makes money on that gold that you have is the people that you gift it to,
    but if you have a safe deposit box you can leave it in there,, no broker/Traitor fees and no service charge although you will have to deduct the amount that you pay for your safe deposit box but anytime you get gold fever you can go to the bank of play with it

    1. Hi Ed,

      I only own $500. Don't plan to buy more gold.



  3. I love your comment on investments, George. Usually the fact that I want to buy (or sell) something is the best predictor of the direction the price is about to go (in exactly the opposite direction); however, I am proud to say that I bought 100 ounces of gold at less than $900, and sold it at between $1450 and $1900. Kind of like gambling: I won once...

    1. Hi Pete,

      We are "Birds of a Feather!" 😎



  4. George, I came across this blog recently in Guideposts magazine you may enjoy:


    Happy travels, George!