Friday, March 09, 2018


Rose Marie Starns Park

This morning we are heading out from our Coronado Island Nite Camp. The Rose Marie Starns Park has a dump station with fresh water. Scampy needs her fresh water tank filled. The park is near. Only 11 north of Coronado Island.

Our Coronado Island Nite Camp was pleasant. On a quiet street with very little traffic. The Scampy Team is a bit spoiled. We like to sleep where it is peaceful and quiet.

The park is close to Pacific Beach where Slomo skates on the beach walk. Maybe we will hang out there and watch Slomo!


Vent for cool air
Scampy has a powered vent which we use to pull in fresh air from the outside. Last nite it got down to 52℉ outdoors. So, Wave3 our little catalytic heater was set on the low temp to keep us comfortable.

When we woke up this morning, the heater had our inside temp was up to 80℉. Exhausting inside air thru the powered vent and drawing in fresh air from side windows quickly brought the temp down to a comfortable 76℉.

Searching for Slomo
Little iPhone and I stayed out on the beach walk for over an hour. Lots of walkers, runners, bikers, skateboarders, skaters passed by. But no Slomo.

It's an overcast and chilly afternoon. About 59℉ outside.

Beach walk near the Giant Dipper roller coaster



  1. You do realize that that Solomo video was shot in 2014

  2. I guess even Slomo has to take a rest every now and then.
    The beach walk looks like a good place to people watch.

    1. Nancy and Joe,

      The beach walk may be 3-miles long. I was at the south end. It could be that Slomo skates the north end, near Pacific Beach.