Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Belgian Waffle

Somebody on YouTube made a comment about my Belgian waffle video and the comment came up on my Mac computer for approval. That's how I came to watch that video this morning.

I got a kick out of viewing that Belgian waffle video. It was published on YouTube in September 2011. About 7-years ago when I was 74 years old.

In the video, I'm wearing a shirt that is not tucked into my pants. Back then, I had a 37" waist and weighed 185 lbs. The shirt covered up the fact that my fat waist flowed over my beltline. Now I have a 32" waist and always wear my shirts tucked into my pants. My weight now is 160 lbs.

Viewing the video got me to wanting a Belgian waffle for breakfast! I don't have that waffle maker anymore. It got lost in the accident that killed MsTioga in 2014. Now I have a Nordic Ware Belgian Waffler.

Click [Here] my "How To Make A Belgian Waffle" video.

This morning's Belgian waffle

A glance at the calendar on my Mac computer showed the March 28th entry of Capitol Reef National Park in the State of Utah.

I believe that I added Capitol Reef to my calendar earlier this year. However, right now as I think about a trip to Utah, I am not so sure about it.

I am pretty close to having 80-1/2 years under my belt. Maybe San Diego, where I am now, is a better choice for me?

My favorite 24 Hour Fitness Club is here. The South Shore Dump Station in Mission Bay is here. I love going to Mission Bay!



  1. That's the beauty of the "team" can go anywhere or nowhere!

    1. Hi Suz,

      Yes! Absolutely!

      I'm getting anxious to find out what I shall be doing later this year?!