Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Bucket List

During supper yesterday evening, I watched the movie "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

As I watched this really incredible movie, some things popped into my brain about my own Bucket List:
➜ Get a haircut so that I may view myself completely bald.
➜ Go on an Africa safari.

I've pretty much done everything that I wanted to do in my life. That's why my Bucket List is so small.

In 2003 I began RVing fulltime. I stopped RVing for about two years in 2014. In 2016 I began am RVing again. 😎

For me, it doesn't get better than this and I am nowhere near Kicking The Bucket!

Capitol Reef camping
Reader Kevin and Kim commented that Capitol Reef campground has gone to a reservation system.

I checked for availability. Nothing! Nada!

Good! I will go and camp as I always do. Away from the campground. I like my system better. Because I am not tied down to specific dates!

Camping in Utah
When we traveled with MsTioga, most often at the bottom of our Blog posts we put a Nite Camp Location link. This link is a Google Map showing our Nite Camp.

With this map, we are able to see the exact location of that Nite Camp. We likely will be camping in those sites later this year.

Click [Here] to view where we camped in May 2007.

Outlaw Camping
Some RVers may believe that it is difficult to find Street Camps. Actually, it is easy to Nite Camp. Even here on the streets of San Diego where there are a zillion signs posted showing No RV Camping.

I've talked to the police here in San Diego about enforcement of No RV Camping regulations. The police do NOT patrol for RVers who Nite Camp on the street. It is NOT a priority for the police. In fact, police only come when a citizen calls the police to complain.

BTW, I never Nite Camp in such posted areas. I prefer to locate my Nite Camps in commercial/industrial neighborhoods which are NOT posted.



  1. With 1000 Trails Elite Connections you can make reservations 6 months in advance and change them at will for about $175/mo including ALL UTILITIES. Boondocking as we knew it will be disappearing soon as more people are homeless or trying to live in Rv's and boondocking to save money. There is a 1000 Trails park in Idyllwild BTW...

  2. Hi Avid,

    Boondocking, actually street camping, is disappearing?

    Where will these people be living?



    1. The laws will get more strict to discourage as you already see. Besides that, street camping isn't much fun when you could be in a beautiful spot of land with expansive vistas to gaze at, miles of hiking and biking trails, rivers and lakes to dunk in and hot tubs and pools to soak in. All the things you look for when street camping but in a beautiful natural environment. 1000 Trails parks are not like "normal" RV parks, most are on huge tracts of land and are primitive compared to RV resorts. In San Diego check out Pio Pico...

  3. Read about boondocking disappearing doing the math. It seems most RVers encourage this type of living and lots of help on how to get started hence the increase in RVs and boon docking. Soon our wonderful deserts will be criss crossed with more roads and our desert shrubs and trees trampled and wildlife unable to find food where they once roamed. Sad. I hope there are rules in boon docking.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Predicting what the future will bring has always been a frustrating enterprise. Because the future is unknowable.

      For me, living on-the-road has been a wonderful experience.



    2. I guess Rita didn't notice the date of that Technomadia post. Hint ... it was last Sunday.

  4. I don't like reservations either, George.

  5. Check for all the NFS and BLM land open for camping in the Captol Reef general area. Ten years ago there was lots of room. Close grocery stores were the item in short supply.

  6. George, Capital Reef is beautiful and lots to explore. I think you will enjoy it and I look forward to your posting about it. Always, safe travels!

  7. Hi George, Good to see you on the road again. A suggestion: Camp Joshua Tree. As a matter of fact, any desert camping is great right now, as the weather is perfect. It may be too hot if you wait too long...
    Buddy, Ollie and Millie send their regards.