Thursday, April 26, 2018

iPhone 7

Last nite the battery for my iPhone 7 went bad. The battery discharges very fast. I am able to use the iPhone by keeping it into plugged into electric power. However, the iPhone gets pretty warm until it gets to 100% charged.

I've made an appointment at iGeeks Phone repair to have the battery replaced. iGeeks is only a few miles distant. 😎

Software is the culprit
It turned out that a recent software update caused the battery problem. A corrected software update is not available right now.

While waiting for that software update, the iPhone will be left connected to the charger.



  1. Hey George,
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  2. I love my Samsung Android phone!

  3. As a 1st step, you may want to try the following advice before just leaving the iphone plugged in all the time:
    "New iOS updates can throw the iPhone or iPad's battery calibration settings off, and it can take a few charge/recharge cycles to fix this. The best thing you can do during this period is just use your device normally and charge it up when it needs charging up."
    Excerpted from

    The article also mentions a possible software bug, but it wouldn't hurt to let it cycle a few times first just in case that helps.

  4. Before you go through all the trouble to replace the battery if you haven't already you may want to make sure that your amperage they are using is a one amp charger and not a 2.1amp
    I have two chargers one in my house which is a 1amp set up and one in my truck which is a 2.1 amperage when I use the one in my truck my battery gets hot because I'm fast charging it
    Any time you apply a higher charge rate to the device, you can rapid-rate charge that device (e.g., using a 2.1-amp charger on a smartphone that requires only a 1-amp charger)

  5. George, have thought about a visit to your Uncle and Aunt north of you? It's familiar territory for you to travel, and you seem to really enjoy their company.

  6. A Apple store will replace the battery for $29.