Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mark Twain

This morning as I ate breakfast [1-egg up, 1-slice rye toast with raspberry jam, apple juice], the History Vault's story of the life of Samuel Clemens [Pen name -Mark Twain] played on my Mac computer.

Mark Twain fascinates me. With no education beyond his 11th year, he managed to become a skilled Mississippi riverboat pilot. He worked as a journalist and author. Twain became a world traveler.

He married Olivia with whom he had four children. They built a lovely home in Hartford, Connecticut. Twain became a wealthy man thru his writing and lost most of his fortune due to investments that went sour. Twain repaid his debts from earnings made by writing and lecturing.

I find that I'm intrigued by all that Mark Twain did in his life.

Morning Camp
The Scampy Team desires to be a good neighbor to those businesses near our Nite Camp. For this reason, we leave our Nite Camp almost immediately after waking. Around 7am.

There is a close-by parking area near 24 Hour Fitness that is flat and has a good internet signal from our T-Mobile provider. We may remain here for a few hours before heading toward the ocean and the lovely Mission Bay.



  1. Back in Twain's day, not many folks were educated so being educated to 11th grade was like a college degree. I remember being lectured to finish high school so we could get a good you'll be lucky to flip burgers. Most good paying jobs require a Master's degree. I got mine in my late 50's and my starting salary jumped sky least for me.

  2. P.S. I've also seen innovator, smart individuals with little seems they like to tinker with things to figure it out.