Sunday, April 29, 2018


As I was walking back to Scampy from 24 Hour Fitness, my mind turned to food!  There is one burrito in the fridge. I ate a burrito yesterday afternoon.

Maybe I should treat myself out to eat? There is a Sizzler Steak House less than 4 miles distant. Yes!

It's really great when the most pressing thing in my life is where to eat!

My workout program
A couple of days ago I began to change my workout program. After exercising every muscle group using the machines, I go over to the Free Motion machines.

These Free Motion machines are designed to be highly adjustable. There are two arms that may be moved side to side. Also, up and down. With Free Motion I'm able to adjust the weights to focus on any muscle group. Today I focussed on lats.

FreeMotion Machine



  1. Great piece of workout equipment. I have used them on occasion although my gym doesn't have one.