Sunday, April 01, 2018


We made last nite's Nite Camp on a dead end street behind a car dealer. This was a very quiet place for sleeping. Gotta love it!

Before heading out from Temecula this morning, we want to top off our fresh water tank and 3-gallon drinking water bottle.

Camping with the Scampy Team
It is a challenge to camp with the Scampy Team compared to MsTioga. With MsTioga, we had a big freshwater tank. The refrigerator on MsTioga had a larger fridge with a food freezer.

Señor Tránsito's big advantage is fuel mileage! Señor Tránsito costs $.19 per mile to drive at $3.50/gallon. MsTioga mileage per gallon was $.50 per mile.

MsTioga had fantastic tire traction! She was able to drive on forest roads without getting stuck.

Señor Tránsito has front wheel drive. His tire traction is minimal. Even on paved roads, we have experienced traction issues. For Señor Tránsito, driving on a forest road may be risky!

Lunch Camp
We have found a small pull-out alongside State Hwy 243. We are
Lunch Camped in the vicinity of Idyllwild above 6,200 feet elevation.

Our internet connection here is good, above 2-bars on the iPhone.

The salad is coleslaw topped with a tablespoon of tuna salad, sliced baby carrots, small chunks of cheddar cheese, Newman's Own Ranch dressing and luscious Fresh Gourmet Honey Roasted Pecan Pieces ♥️.

Lunch Camp Location Map
Elevation: 6,216 feet



  1. I had the best hamburger ever in Idyllwild years ago when I travel through there. I don't even remember the place I ate. I was tooling around alone checking out scenic roads. Stopped at a lone fire station along hwy 243...need to use the facility so I stopped and asked. The firemen were more than accommodating and gave me a tour of the station and a little history of the area. I picked up huge pine cones somewhere near there...still have them too.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Thank you so much for sharing your adventures around Idyllwild!

      I love hamburgers too!



  2. Enjoy your trip to Idyllwild. The northern part of Hwy243 is very steep. I would not recommend towing pass Idyllwild. Be safe.

    1. Hi again, Rita,

      I got a bit lucky on my trip north of the Town of Idyllwild.

      Also got lucky with driving out of the Dark Canyon Campground on April 2nd!