Monday, April 23, 2018

Then and Now

During my workout at 24 Hour Fitness this morning, I was thinking about the huge difference between my working life and my now life.

Back then, the company that I was with during the best part of my working years was growing rapidly. My job was to purchase everything needed for the shop and office. Receive everything shipped to us. Supervise shipments of products that the company manufactured. Perform quality control checks.

There was barely enough time to get this work done. My job was wonderful!

Now, I am retired from my work. I have time to do anything that I wish. My challenge now is to have the insight to find things to do that stimulate and excite me all the while pacing everything that I do against my aging body.

Oh, my! How I love all of it!

Apartment vs Scampy
Yesterday afternoon I was driving back to my Nite Camp site and was passing thru Fashion Valley. There are fancy and modern apartment homes there. I got to thinking how it would be for me to live there.

And then, almost immediately, I said to myself, "No!" I would not want to give up the excitement of living as a vagabond with Scampy and TrĂ¡nsito as my home.

I've spent 15 years doing the vagabonding life. I'm tuned into this life. I love being on-the-road being free as a bird!

Belmont Park
The Scampy Team usually stays at Ventura Cove when we head to Mission
Bay Park. Today we went to Belmont Park, home of the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

I had in mind to buy a hot dog, but the prices are set for tourists. $8 bucks for a hot dog. I can't go for that!



  1. Your free as a bird got me to thinking.... How is baby Boid doing?

    1. Hi Kent,

      Baby Boid is such a happy guy. Tweets all day long! Time out for his afternoon naps.



  2. Treat yourself to a Hot Dog at Fuddruckers in San Diego. Mission Valley or Grossmont. You'll be hooked, I promise.

  3. Rather like the saying: I have no idea how I found time to work...After being retired...
    That would be me right now!..Turning 69 tomorrow..Oops! 28 minutes ago...Guess I was right...:+)...