Thursday, May 24, 2018


It slipped my mind that our Olympian Catalytic Heater does not operate well at high altitude. We are at 7,519 feet. It was a bit chilly during the nite with the Olympian set on high heat. Inside Scampy the temperature got down to 56℉.

We have an alternative way to warm up Scampy. We have a small electric heater that operates at 750 watts. We would use our Honda generator to power the heater.

It is also possible to power the heater using our solar electric system. The inverter puts out 1500 watts. However, our 95 amp-hour deep cycle might be tested for this task.

As we left our Nite Camp, there were hardly any cars on US 395

Bodie Ghost Town
Bodie is about 50 miles away from our Nite Camp. My good friend John has urged me to go there.

I'm going, John! 😎

Only 5% of the buildings remain.

View of Bodie from the entrance road

Main Street

Look at the arched wood wagon axel

The Scampy Team is Afternoon Camped on a road outside of town. I prepared New England Clam Chowder for lunch.

For dessert I made popcorn. Not that bagged popcorn crud. Real popcorn popped in a kettle.

Real Orville Redenbacher popcorn

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 6,479 feet



  1. Using the electric heater off the 12v battery is not going last long.

    I vote for the ghost town too!

    1. Hi Rob,

      I tried the electric heater this morning powered by the inverter. The inverter overloaded and gave an alarm. The heater would not work at all.

      If it had, you are correct, the battery would probably not last long.



  2. I think you will like Body. The "electric company" was one of the first out west. They built the generator in the nearby mountains, and ran a straight wire directly to Body, thinking that electricity couldn't turn corners.

  3. The road from the highway to the town of Bodie is pretty rough, so be prepared with everything battened down. It is worth the effort to get to see these wonderful buildings and artifacts, but be prepared to go very slowly. There are many photo ops there!

    Virtual hugs,


  4. Is Boid enjoying the trip and tweeting away? I wonder cuz you traveled rough road. Nice pics!!

    1. Hi Rita,

      Baby Boid is very used to rough roads. He tweets all the time, except when he tires himself out and takes a nap.

      Boid loves to be around people who are talking. He tweets as though he is in the conversation too.

      Thank you for your "Nice pics!!" compliment! 😎



  5. George

    There's always the gas stove. Just make sure you have proper ventilation. I've done this many times to quickly take out the morning chill. Not for while you're asleep, obviously.