Tuesday, May 01, 2018


I do not believe that I am a hedonist. However, I do get pleasure from doing the things that I do regularly. For example, watching movies and working out at 24 Hour Fitness.

I watch movies and workout not because I seek pleasure from these activities. I do these things because I feel happy when I do them.

Before I began working out regularly, I had difficulty doing certain activities. Removing the caps on Scampy's dump station valves was one of those things. Even when using both hands, I struggled.

After a couple of months of muscle building exercises at 24 Hour Fitness, I find I'm able to remove those caps using only my right hand! 😎



  1. 100 is far away. I think you'll still be rving by then! Exercise is the key. Not sure why people, who have time, don't go to the gym. A great place to meet people with like minds, learn new things and truly, like you do, enjoy the gym as a spa.

    1. Hi LBM,

      Nobody in my family has lived into their 90s. For me to be living as I am now in 10-years, may not be a blessing!

      However, for the next several years would be fine with me.



  2. Careful George. If you keep bulking up you will have to cut all the sleeves off of your shirts

  3. Isn't feeling happy a pleasure?

  4. If you look up the definition of happy
    characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy:

  5. Yes I think being happy is a pleasure haha. My maternal side of the family has longevity and live into their 90's and beyond. I think it's because they walked everywhere...with occasional rides to the store which wasn't often. I believe owning a home gives you a workout everyday...yard work is a workout; cleaning house is a workout. I have a big back yard and a medium size front yard; three bedrooms house to clean. I can't keep up with it. I can only do sections at a time. Priority is bathrooms and kitchen...a must they be clean daily. Since I have pets, living room is vacuumed daily as well as the rest of the floors in the house. Furniture have to be dusted, laundry has to be done and put away, floors have to be mopped in sections, windows washed, drapes & curtains washed...etc., etc. All the lifting, stooping, pushing and pulling, getting up and down on knees is a workout. When I was younger, I could zip through house work but not any more. I break out in a sweat vacuuming & mopping the floors. I don't have carpets. Instead I have stained concrete floors with throw rugs. I have washable blackout drapes and curtains. I'm just glad I don't have a huge house. I have a small three bedroom bungalow. Including housework, I walk a lot and do floor exercise at home. My doctor advise me to do weight bearing exercises to keep bone density and muscles strong. So I walk twice a day 1.5 miles each and lift weights to strengthen arms, legs, neck, abdomen and do yoga & Pilates. I do these floor exercises while watching tv or do them on the back patio in the morning before coffee. Feels great to get the blood flowing. I was pretty active growing up, skiing, hiking, running 10K races and playing tennis. I still love hiking but gave up running but haven't skied in a long, long time. I probably can still ski if I put a knee brace on and start with beginner run and work my way back up. Anyway, you keep up the exercise and walk a lot. Carry those little squeeze hand exercises to keep grip strong...I have them through out the house.