Tuesday, May 29, 2018


This morning I was thinking about the maintenance that I do for Scampy and Señor Tránsito. It seems that I forget to do a little maintenance every day. As a result, all of a sudden I realize that both of them are very dirty!

On iPhone, I've set a daily alarm to remind me. At 9am the alarm reminds me to clean the interior of Scampy. I look around to find things that are the dirtiest. This morning, for example, I'm cleaning all of the plastic containers in the cabinet over Scampy's sink.

At 4pm the alarm reminds me to wash Scampy and Señor Tránsito's exterior. Doing this cleaning at 4pm means the Sun is low in the sky. Better to do this washing when Sun is not heating up the areas that I am working on.

This morning I will wash the front of Scampy and the rear of Señor Tránsito. Maybe I'll wash a bit more if I am so inclined!

Nite Camp
Last nite our Nite Camp location was about a mile west of the Town of Burney.

One of the things that we always do when locating our Nite Camps is to check the strength of the T-Mobile signal. It is surprising that the T-Mobile signal varies so much. A location change of just a few feet may bring the signal up from one bar to three bars. One bar will not get us on the net.

If we made a Nite Camp in a place where the T-Mobile signal is insufficient, I'd be off the net all nite. Not good!

Town of Burney Nite Camp

McArthur–Burney Falls State Park
We have arrived at the Park with the main idea to view the waterfall. 

Lassen and Shasta - 1946 

Burney Falls

West is not east!
After leaving McArthur-Burney Park I wanted to head east toward the City of Alturas. Somehow I was sure that when I came to the intersection of State 89 and State 299 that I should go thru the Town of Burney.

Wrong! Burney took me west, not east!

Funny thing is that while I was going in the opposite direction from where I wanted to be going, the Apple map in my dash showed that I was going in the wrong direction. But I thought that I was not reading that Apple map correctly!

Can you imagine that?!

Finally, after traveling about 35 miles in the wrong direction, I came to a little town named "Ingot". I could see on my paper map where Ingot is located. I turned around and backtracked.

Now I am treating myself to supper in the Town of Burney. A reward for my errant travel today!

Nite Camping in Burney again!
It's too late in the day to begin traveling in the correct direction. So, I'm spending another nite in the same Nite Camp location as yesterday.

That Nite Camp had a fast T-Mobile data connection last nite! 😎



  1. Mr. G if Phone or Internet service is that important to you why not get a booster antenna there are several on the market
    Link over to RV sue She has a simple set up that appears to be fool proof plus, she can give you a better idea with pro and con with it
    But my real foolish question is how can you go through 51 GB In less than a month are you running some kind of business on the side,that's using that much bandwidth... 51 gig comes out to 1.7 gigs per day
    You may want to check with Kevin / Ruth they could tell you some simple easy ways to get it for free
    If it's movies / Documentaries you're after,, find a library with a strong signal or restaurant upload it from there save your gigs,, remember FREE free is always good

    1. Hi Ed,

      During the 6-months that I stayed in San Diego, I must have Nite Camped in an excellent T-Mobile area. That got me to believe that going thru my 51gb allotment had no consequences.

      When I began my present trip, I learned that this belief was incorrect. I got squelched town to very, very slow data speed. Bummer!

      Because I just squandered my 51gb, I paid the price!

      Even now when I go online in an area where there is little data usage by other T-Mobile customers, my data speed zooms up. A very good thing it seems to me.

      From now on I intend to be much more careful of the videos that I watch! That's for sure!

      Thanks for your advice, Ed. You have always been a help for me! 😎



  2. Lovely falls - nice video - thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you sooooo much!

      And, you are welcome.



  3. Hey George, a friend of mine bought a Scamp a while ago and she tows it with a Toyota 4Runner. She has a Facebook page that I think is public. You should check it out.


    1. Hi Don,

      Yes! A Toyota 4Tunner would do the job!



  4. I love the little pictures of Transito and Scampy. They complement
    each other!

    1. Hi Joan,

      I have often thought the same thing. The way Señor Tránsito sort of blends into Scampy. A continuous roof line!



  5. I've done the go-the-wrong-way trip myself. After a lunch stop on the Nachez Trace I went the wrong way for an hour before I finally figured out why the mile markers were not increasing. I don't always obey my gps so it had been telling me to do a turn off the Trace for most of the day (probably due to a shorter/faster route than the Trace). I just continued to ignore it after lunch for that hour.

  6. Hi George.... just looking on Google Earth re Burney area and saw Pit River Casino. Comments on Google stated they had full rv hookups. They are not campgrounds which I know you avoid, but if they are free and level and allow you to dump and get fresh water they might be an option. Have you considered staying at casinos? Just wondered as there are so many of them.

  7. Hi George, Pilots are sometimes guilty of not believing their instruments while flying. Many don't live to tell about it...