Thursday, May 31, 2018


We are Blogging to you this morning using the Wagon Wheel Restaurant's open WiFi in Alturas California. Our cell carrier, T-Mobile, has no coverage here.
When we head out of Alturas CA this morning, we will be bound for the area around Valley Falls OR.

Today appears to be a rainy day. But the Scampy  Team is tough. Rainy weather does not bother us! Windy weather! Do not talk to us about wind! ☹️

Paper Maps
Since we began traveling outside a T-Mobile coverage area yesterday, we have been depending on our paper maps.

We have become sooooo used to having our Personal Hotspot available. We are hooked on that Hotspot. Dependant? Addicted?

The monitor in Señor Tránsito's dash tells us where we are when iPhone's Personal Hotspot is connected!

Fort Bidwell
As we were heading north on US 395, we had iPhone set on a search for open WiFi. Suddenly we were surprised to see a T-Mobile 3-bar signal pop up!!

We pulled over to the side of the highway to make a Breakfast Camp. We are near to the Town of Fort Bidwell California. Also, close to the California/Oregon border.

US 395 at our Breakfast Camp 

Note: The Safari browser does not handle my pics very well. Clicking on one of pics using Safari does not enlarge the pic hardly at all. The Chrome browser does much better.

Drivers license renewed
This morning I went to the DMV office in Alturas California to have my driver's license renewed.

It is so much easier dealing with DMV in Alturas than a DMV in one of the large cities. Thirty minutes In and Out!

Lakeview Oregon
We have arrived in Lakeview Oregon, very close to the California border. This is a nice place. Not too big. Lots of shops.

We went grocery shopping. Also, bought a paper Idaho map. We intend to stay the nite here. Right now we are in an Afternoon Camp across the street from the County Fairgrounds.

The T-Mobile coverage here is excellent! 😎

View of fairgrounds from Scampy's rear window

Pretty orange flowers growing around here

32℉ low tonite
It's getting kind of cold outside this afternoon. So I wondered what the temperature will get down to tonite. At sunrise tomorrow morning it will be 32℉ outside Scampy. It's 54℉ outside right now

I sleep under a 5℉ sleeping bag which is completely unzipped and stretched out like a blanket. Comfy for me that way. I should be doing pretty good under my sleeping bag when the temp gets down to 32℉.

BTW, when it's 32℉ outside it should be about 50℉ inside Scampy with the Olympian Wave3 catalytic heater on full blast!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 4,742 feet



  1. Good morning George. I believe you're half way to Riggins. Are you going hwy 20 to 95 to Riggins? OMGosh, I haven't seen or felt rain in ages. No rain all winter long and I miss it so much. Safe travels.

    1. Good morning Rita,

      I'm on US 395 heading north. About 413 miles away from Riggins Idaho.

      I just published a pic showing rain clouds around here!



  2. Mr. G they make off-line maps for cell phones
    Once you download (online)it to your area your GPS portion of your offline phone will follow the same way as online maps,,
    check Google android and Apple for one that works best for you

    1. Hi Mr. Ed,

      Thank you for that!

      A few minutes ago, I was reminded by Reader Kevin that I have MapsMe installed on my iPhone.



  3. Be careful.
    The last time you were in Oregon you almost wound up in the hoosegow!

    1. Hi Ed, Carol.....

      I don't mess with cops anymore. Learned my lesson last year in Beaverton, Oregon.



  4. George, you need to install the mapping app that works off line. I love it!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thank you! I forgot that I had already installed MapsMe. In fact, you were the one who told me about MapsMe!



    2. thank you Kevin. I installed on my iPhone!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Bob,

      Thank you! Happy to be here! 😎