Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stealth Camping

It takes experience and skill to be a successful Stealth RV Camper. We on the Scampy Team have both many years experience and skill.

The current crop of RVers that we see in the San Diego area appears to have neither. Persons camping on the street must be sensitive to their neighbors. This means, for example, pulling out of their Nite Camps early in the morning so as not to be a bother to those neighbors.

I am not going to defend the rights of RV campers to live on the streets. Nor am I going to justify RVers violating local parking regulations. Both locals and RVing street campers often are in opposition. And both may be right.

Eating better
I am thinking that if I had my life to do all over again, that I would be eating the way I do now.

No overeating. No salt. Not eating out often [Who knows what's in those restaurant foods]. No eating after 6pm [Maybe a little eating after 6pm 😎].

Also, a lifestyle that includes exercise with weights.

There is no doubt that I am a slow student. Here I am at 80.5 years, and still trying to figure it out!

Lake Murray
This morning we drove to the City of La Mesa to pick up a package from our Postal Annex box. We went grocery shopping and got a nice pork chop for tonite's supper!

Now we are at nearby Lake Murray. I prepared Matzo, eggs, and onions for breakfast. During breakfast, we watched "The Poseidon Adventure." A 1972 movie starring Gene Hackman.

Lovely Lake Murray



  1. We're all trying to figure it out. One author I liked said "We are all an experiment of one" ~ George Sheehan

    1. Hi Bob,

      Yes! You are right. However, being the optimist that I am, I'm forever thinking that I have my life down solid!

      Then, surprise, surprise. I learn something new!



  2. Face it you live to be 80,,, apparently you were not doing everything wrong

    1. Hi Ed,

      You are right! Nearly in all things, I did them right.

      There are many things however, that I did not comprehend. Or even recognize until many of my years had passed.

      Do you remember when I got badly burned in Scampy's propane fire? I did not understand the importance of keeping my burns completely clean.

      Or even the importance of cleanliness in my daily life.

      As a result, my left hand got a terrible bacterial infection! Take a look at my Blog on September 28 2017!

      Click [Here] to view that day.