Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Yesterday we had an invitation to John & Mimi's for supper. Meatloaf! Yummm! We made our Nite Camp over there.

Now we are back at 24 Hour fitness. Gonna have tuna salad on matzos for breakfast before going into 24 to workout.

My diet plan is going well. I'm sticking to "No eating after 6pm." During the evening, food keeps nagging at me. But since I made my mind to not eat after 6pm, I seem to have the willpower to do it. ­čśÄ

Sizzler Steakhouse
I've just returned from working out at 24 Hour Fitness.

Interesting thing. I feel hungry. I believe that I feel hungry now because I am eating much less food than before.

As a reward, I am treating myself to the Senior Steak at Sizzler!

Cleaning your RV
I just came in from cleaning Scampy's exterior. It came to me that if you have an RV you had better like cleaning. Because keeping an RV looking good is a never-ending thing.

And, if I layoff cleaning for a week, then it takes several rounds to get everything looking good once more!



  1. Meatloaf....comfort food!
    I understand your feeling about baby boid's's like trimming your doesn't hurt. He brings you so much happiness..sounds like you are careful with him. Good! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I am very careful with Baby Boid. However, I've mistakenly moved Boid in his cage from Scampy to Tránsito with his cage door open!!

      Fortunately, Boid did NOT leave his cage while outside!!

      Boid will not exit his cage without a lot of careful consideration. As I have written before, Boid is very cautious! He seems to comprehend that he is safer inside his cage.



  2. George, homeownership is a never ending story with cleaning matter what type of home you have it needs to be cleaned. Even Boid's house and/or cage has to be cleaned...never ends.

    I love Sizzler's steak, salad bar, soups. However since the e-coli outbreak I haven't eaten any leafy greens. Guess I have to resort to cabbage.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Yes, of course you are correct. No matter what type of home, all must be cleaned.

      Sizzler has posted a notice about their salad bar. I cannot recall exactly what that notice stated about E. coli. However, I did not eat any lettuce at Sizzler.