Sunday, May 27, 2018


We are on the road to Susanville California and made a Breakfast Camp next to a lake. On the menu is French toast with real maple syrup and a cup of milk.

French toast

Reflection in a lake

Scampy Team Story
I've been thinking about how we came to be The Scampy Team. It all began in June 2016. That was when I went off all my prescription medication.  That changed everything by improving my health so much!

In September 2016, I decided to live in Jojoba Hills RV Park. In order to apply to Jojoba, I had to own an RV. That's why I bought Twayler the trailer. While waiting to come to the top of the Jojoba waitlist, Twayler was moved to Lone Wolf RV Park in Apple Valley California.

A little after moving to Lone Wolf, I decided to go camping. I bought a pop-up tent and went out to a forest. What a disaster! At my age, tents are a big no-no for me.

But I still wanted to go camping. Online I found out about Scamp Trailers and phoned the company for info. They gave me a name of a person who had bought a Scamp trailer, and I made arrangements to take a look.

After looking at the trailer and learning that I liked it, I began to say goodbye to the Scamp owner. She said to me, "Aren't you going to make me an offer?" I did not know that she wanted to sell her Scamp!

We began to talk about me buying it. And I made an offer which was accepted.

So now I was a Scamp owner and my Honda FIT became a tow vehicle. Which turned out to be a mistake. A Honda FIT does not have the capacity to tow the Scamp. That's how I came to replace my Honda with a Ford Transit.

Note: To be continued.  


Mac Air keyboard problems
Many keys on my Mac Air laptop are working crazy.
* Delete key clears the letter in front instead of being a backspace.
* Volume keys make the screen go up
* Arrow left key make the screen go up
* Arrow right key brings the screen back down
* Illumination keys don't do anything

Note: I found out that the Keyboard section of System Preferences had become improperly setup. How that happened, I have no idea?! The keyboard is working OK now.

Very low data speed 
I learned today that my data speed has been throttled down so much that I am not able to post to Blogger. The reason for this throttling is that I have gone over my 51gb data allotment.

My allotment gets refreshed on June 10th. Until then, I will have a challenge to make Blog posts.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 4,424 feet



  1. Good morning. Maybe you'll night camp in Valley Falls, OR where Bob Skelding blogger lives. A beautiful area. Do pictures use up a lot of your data?

    1. Hi Rita,

      I may reach Valley Falls Oregon in the next few days.

      I don't know about data usage from showing images on my Blog. Most of my data goes for watching videos.



  2. Hi! I'm leaving Phoenix next Monday and heading up the #395 going to Portland,Or. Beautiful road trip!!
    Enjoying your pictures!

    1. Hi Payson,

      Have a wonderful trip to Portland!

      Thank you for your "Enjoying your pictures!" comment!



  3. I'm ready for the next installment of the Scampy bedtime story!
    My old iPad does strange things, inserts the letter M wherever
    It pleases when I'm writing emails! Also iPad does not like to
    print Spanish however has no problem with Greek!