Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Sun

The Sun has returned to San Diego. The past few have had heavy cloud cover and misty too. I did not even go outside to wash Scampy and Tr├ínsito. This morning, there is not a cloud in the sky! ­čśÄ

We are over at the 24 Hour Fitness parking lot. After breakfast, I will go inside 24 Hour to workout.

Muscle imbalance
For some reason that I do not understand, the muscles on my left side do not respond to exercise the same as my right side. To balance out, I've begun doing bicep, tricep and lateral exercises mostly with my left side.

In-n-Out Burger
I've just returned from having lunch at In-n-Out Burger. Yummm!

I saw my first In-n-Out at the location near the Ontario Airport in Southern California. That was in 1983. I owned two burger joints at that time and decided that I would like to build a drive-thru burger joint like In-n-Out.

That restaurant idea of mine never happened. I sold the property for the restaurant to a quick-lube chain.


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  1. It's been cool in the 70's for a few days here in Phoenix...nice! Today clear skies and it will heat up. My left side has always lacked the muscles I have on my right side...been that way forever. I had several left knee surgeries over the years. Physical therapy showed me how to keep my muscle strong on left leg so I do them almost daily yet they are still lacking muscle. However, I can hike, walk, do stairs (climbed to top of capital building recently in Colorado). I no longer get sore muscles. I don't know why...maybe age has something to do with it. My sister, niece, & I did some pretty rugged hiking trails in Vancouver Island last fall and next day I asked my sister if she had sore muscles. She said nope. I wasn't sore either. Hmmm wonder why?