Saturday, May 19, 2018


We are about 90 miles away from Lone Wolf RV Park in the City of Apple Valley. As you may recall, this is the home of our trailer. The one and only, Twayler!

We will be visiting Twayler today to check out how she is doing in the Lone Wolf storage yard.

Lone Wolf
We've just arrived at the Lone Wolf RV Park. After a very brief tour of Twayler, it appears as though she is holding up very well.

One of her windows blew open because of wind. We have secured that window so that it won't open again.

We checked to see if there was anything inside Twayler that we would like to transfer to Scampy or TrĂ¡nsito. There wasn't. However, we transferred all of our DVDs from inside Scampy back to Twayler. We have so many movies available on the net. We never watched any DVDs.

Twayler and Scampy at Lone Wolf

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,944 feet



  1. I liked to see the time of your first part today, 729 am. My wife and were married on 7/29 and every time we see that time on the clock, we kiss. We send virtual kisses if we aren't together when we see that time. Our kids yell out, "kiss kiss," if they see that time...

    7:29 it's a good time, twice a day! :-)

    1. Hi Kent,

      That's a nice and romantic story.