Friday, June 29, 2018


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Today is June 29th. This is our 06/29/2018 Blog Post. This post was prepared using Blogging With Notes and was published on Saturday, June 29, 2018, at 12:45 pm.

10:31 am:
This morning, the Scampy Team is going east. We are bound for the State of Montana!

Reader Dan Hoyt commented on June 13th:
Since you are in the area I recommend, when you are finished in Sandpoint, going on up Nwy 95 through Bonners Ferry and turning east on Hwy 2. Montana is just a few miles to the east. Go into Montana and a few more miles to the east is the Yaak river road. Follow it up into some of the most beautiful country you'll ever see.

We are following Dan's comment/suggestion! Thanks, Dan!

12:03 pm:
Blogging in Montana
It may be that I will be in locations in Montana where I will not be able to get on the internet. If that happens, I will continue to prepare my Blog posts, day by day using Apple Notes.

When I find a WiFi spot, I'll publish my Blog day by day.

3:47 pm:
Montana Border
We have just reached the Border between Idaho and Montana. There is a store here selling stuff the owner has acquired at swap meets.

There is ice cream for sale here too. I bought a little vanilla cone with nuts and chocolate on top. Pretty good for only $1 dollar!

4:10 pm:
Yaak River Road
After leaving the store, we followed US #2 for a few miles until we arrived at Yaak Falls.

Yaak Falls Video

After the falls, we continued on US #2 for a while. We came to a Forest Service Road that is named “Fourth of July Road,” It's a gravel road. We promised ourselves NOT to go on gravel roads with Tránsito. And now, here we are on a gravel road!

4:35 pm:
4th of July Camp
We arrived at a place on the narrow gravel road where Transito made several
Y-turns in order to make a complete U-turn.

We are able to hear the sound of sprightly 4th of July Creek coming thru the forest. The stream may be about 200 yards southeast of our Camp. We are not able to view the creek because it is hidden by trees in the forest.

4th of July Camp

We leveled out Scampy by lifting her up side-to-side with our inclined yellow jack and leveled Scampy front to back using Scampy’s tongue jack.

I’ve found that unless Scampy is close to level I do not get a good night’s sleep.

Our Yellow Inclined Ramp Jack.

4:58 pm:
Washing Scampy
It’s T-shirt and short pants weather here in Montana. Time to wash Scampy’s rear and left side exterior walls.

5:30 pm:
On the menu:
➜ Beef tenderloin filet mignon
➜ Salad [Cabbage slaw, carrots, cheddar cheese, Ranch dressing
➜ Bush baked beans
➜ Cherry pie for dessert

Steak on the BBQ

8 pm:
Evening's entertainment
We watched the movie “The Cider House Rules”.

Very good acting and story!

10 pm:
Bed Time
The Olympian catalytic heater is set at low. Temperature right now inside Scampy is 72℉. If the Olympian Catalytic Wave-3 heater were not used, the inside temperature might fall to 52℉!

It is sooooo quiet here! It is dead quiet inside Scampy. Outside, the 4th of July Creek is the only sound heard. That creek sound is wonderfully musical.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,091 feet



  1. Welcome to Montana George.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      So very good to be here!

      Montana seems to be growing a whole lot of trees. Different varieties too!



  2. Safe travels...I never got to see any pictures of Post Falls & surrounding area in your posts.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Thank you!

      I do not understand why you never got to see the pictures that you wrote about ih your comment?

      Do you see them now?



  3. Hi, George,

    If you go through the town of Yaak, near the Damn Shame Saloon, keep an eye out for Big Foot. He roams in a meadow and peeks around buildings. :)

    Enjoy that beautiful countryside!

    1. Hi Sue,

      When I visited the Damn Shame Saloon, Big Foot was mounted on the wall, hanging there with a few elk, moose and a bunch of deer.

      I am guessing that some hunter got him! 🤪



  4. Replies
    1. Hi Dan,

      Thank you sooooo much for your "heads-up" about the
      Yaak River Road.

      I loved the falls!



  5. I would like to thank Dan Hoyt, too. George, I wanted too ask you, are you needing to use your heater at all? Thanks

    1. Hi Tom,

      Dan Hoyt is the Man!

      Heater? You betcha your life that I use the heater.

      It's cold at nite in these-them parts!!



  6. Wowsa, what a trip! Those grill marks on the tenderloin are impressive. Wowsa, with sugar in top!

    1. Hi Kent,

      I agree! Great trip!

      You wanna know how to get those nice steak grill marks?

      Buy best quality steak and put a coat of cooking oil before you BBQ!



  7. Hi George.... I just have a feeling you are having a great adventure and will have a super report. I looked at Google Earth and saw you are really almost off the grid. Even Google street level did not go where you camped Friday. It was hard to tell where you could easily turn around. I wonder if you try to use Google Earth a day ahead or hours ahead to check out your options.

    1. Hi Ernie,

      Your feeling is sooooo correct! Great adventure! 😎

      I do look ahead to where I am going in order to scout tomorrow's trip.

      Google's Street View cameras do not travel on dirt roads. Only paved roads [And not all paved roads.]

      When I want to make a U-turn on a narrow forest road, I do several Y-turns to get going in the opposite direction.