Saturday, June 23, 2018

Natural Fitness

10:22 am:
After leaving my Nite Camp [Sorry! I forgot to put a Nite Camp Location link], I went to Natural Fitness in Sandpoint Idaho. Thank you to the Reader(s) who told me about the Active and Fit program that allows me entrance to fitness clubs all over the country.

In the Natural Fitness parking lot, I prepared a cheese omelet for breakfast. Then wrote an email to my friend John. And now am writing this Blog post for you! ­čśÄ

After publishing this Blog post, I'll workout at Natural Fitness. BTW, muscles take a long time to blossom in old guys like me. However, my muscles are coming along. Slowly!

10:34 am:
Señor Tránsito's Axle Repair
Reader Rita commented asking how Tránsito's axle repair went. I had forgotten to Blog about that.

Thanks for reminding me, Rita! ­čśÄ



2:18 pm:
Finished Workout
I've just returned to Scampy. My workout was an excellent one! As I wrote before. My muscles are coming along nicely!

Do you wanna see what I look like in a bathing suit?

7:33 pm:
Camp Site
A lady that we met on the road was very excited about Scampy. I invited her to have a look-see. Afterward, we were talking about camping, and she suggested Spring Point Campground, a US Forest Service place.

I went out to Springy Point and found only an AT&T cellular connection. That's not for me. I gotta have T-Mobile.

We turned back to US 95 and went north. Just prowling around. We came to a level gravel road [Has to be level for Señor Tránsito to manage because he does not do gravel roads with hills!]

We have made a Nite Camp in the location shown in the Map Link below.

Would you like to see what's for supper this evening?

Sushi with Acai Berry Herbal Tea

For dessert, Key Lime pie!

PS: I saw a Bus/RV conversion. The bus cost $7K. The owner did the conversion himself.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,215 feet



  1. George, I routinely carry a small flashlight in my pocket in case I end up in a dark location. I also need to see my surroundings to keep my balance and the flashlight is a lifesaver.

    stay safe,

    Florida Mike

    1. Hi Mike,

      It's been a long time. I'm happy to receive your comment! ­čśÄ

      A flashlight is a good idea.

      Do you know what causes your balance issues?



    2. Nope, not a clue but I had back surgery 4 years ago that was not complete and I had another one last month to HOOPEFULLY finalize the job. I am just now relearning how to walk after a few years of not getting around without pain. so far so good. I am now on a cane but still have the balance problem.
      One of the PT people mentioned that weak leg muscles (have that) can often contribute to the problem. working on it!

      Stay healthy,

      Florida Mike

    3. Wow, Mike!!

      I hurt sooooo much reading about what you have had to endure!

      What a great idea to strengthen your leg muscles. Do you belong to a fitness club?

      I joined "Active and Fit." It's a really good exercise plan and allows you to go to any fitness club that is in the program.

      Click [Here] to go to the Active and Fit website.

      Please let me know how that goes?