Friday, June 01, 2018


Last Nite when I went to bed, sleep would not come. So I took a second Trazodone 50mg. Then when I finally went to sleep, it was not a deep sleep. I was not breathing freely. So I took two allergy relief pills around 3am.

That did the trick. I did not awaken until after 9am.

Stuff to do
Before leaving Lakeview Oregon this morning, Scampy's propane tanks will be filled. We spotted a propane place yesterday close to our Nite Camp.

We need to buy some of those little laundry packs that contain concentrated detergent. Those packs really do a good job for me! We also need to buy tire black.

Wagontire Oregon
When we head out of Lakeview Oregon, we will be bound for Wagontire Oregon, about 84 miles distant.

If we are fortunate, Wagontire will have a good T-Mobile signal. The signal here in Lakeview has been exceptional!

Hines Oregon
Reader Rita commented:
"Google maps says Wagontire has a population of 3."

Thanks, Rita. Maybe that's why we were unable to locate the mighty metropolis of Wagontire Oregon?!

We did locate Hines Oregon. And Señor Tránsito's odometer reports that we drove 140 miles to get here! I had to stop two times to rest a bit during this trip.

The City of Hines has a 4-bar T-Mobile signal! Double wow with sugar on it!

A good deal of today's trip looked a lot like this pic

Daily Cleaning
I just finished cleaning the outside of Tránsito's rear doors and his rear bumper. Also, Scampy's front and right side and right wheel.

It's good that I enjoy cleaning. But this is it for today as far as exterior cleaning is concerned.

This morning Scampy's shower pan and toilet were cleaned!

The police
I went to the Safeway in The City of Hines and parked on the street in front of the store. When I returned, a policeman approached me.

"You are parked in a traffic lane", he told me. "I'm sorry. I thought that this was OK for parking", I replied.

"May I see your driver's license and proof of insurance?" "They are in the glove compartment. I'll get them."

When he looked at my temporary driver's license, he told me, "This is not a driver's license." I replied, "DMV told me that it is."

Then he told me, "Yes, I see now that it is a temporary driver's license." Then he went to his car. When he returned, he handed me back my papers. He did not give me a parking ticket.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 4,148 feet



  1. Google maps says Wagontire has a population of 3, has an RV, motel, restaurant...probably all in one place.

    1. Hi Rita,

      I never located Wagontire Oregon at all !



  2. You will indeed be fortunate to find a T-Mobile signal at Wagontire. I don't know if you'll find a signal there. Odds are your arrival will increase the population by 25% or 30%. But you've done the high desert before, and know what a great place it is.

    1. Hi GilGuy,

      In fact, I never found Wagontire Oregon!



  3. did you see the little geyser in Lakeview?

    1. Hi Carol and Bill,

      Oh my God! I completely forgot about your comment/suggestion to see that little geyser! 😒



  4. For your tires it's best to use 303. Nothing with petroleum distillates.

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for writing!

      I'm using Meguiare's HotShine Tire Spray. Meguiare's does contain petroleum distillates.



  5. 303 protects from uv rays.

  6. A lot of people take magnesium before bed and or melatonin for
    for better sleep instead of a prescription drug which has side effects!

  7. I usually don't have trouble sleeping...I'm in deep sleep once my head hits the pillow. However, if I eat anything with sugar in evening, sometimes it keeps me up. I drink lots of water to get rid of sugar and then I'm fine or I drink chamomile tea.

  8. We passed through Wagontire about 25 years ago, so it was fun to read your mention of it. When we were there, pulled over for a rest, a group of bicyclists came along to do the same. We were nearly home by that time, and had a couple of gallons of distilled drinking water left in our stash. We refilled all of the riders' bottles, for which they were very grateful. There was no where for them to purchase water at that particular time, and they had a long ride ahead to reach civilization again.

    At the time, my husband was still an avid bicycle rider, so this encounter was very thrilling to him.

    Wagontire has remained in our minds ever since because of these unique experiences.

    Virtual hugs,