Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Salmon River

Have you noticed how close we are getting to the Salmon River? The Salmon River is only about 110 miles away!

We have driven 1,000 miles since leaving San Diego on Friday, May 18th. Little by little, with only small day trips, look how far we have come!

Cleaning Thinking
During our present trip, we have changed our thinking about cleaning.

We used to clean Scampy and Señor Tránsito when they got dirty. That did not work too well. Because they never got to be looking top-notch!

With our new "daily cleaning" concept, we are often cleaning areas that are already pretty clean. Wow! What a difference!

Judy's Restaurant
I usually prepare my own breakfast in Scampy's kitchen. However, Judy's Restaurant had such good reviews, I went there.

Really good food. And Judy the owner is very friendly! 😎

Now we are heading north to the Town of New Meadows.

Open Range
Remember the movie, "Open Range" starring Kevin Coster and Robert Duvall?

On our trip north this morning, we passed a road sign: Open Range. In the pic below is what open range looks like in these parts of Idaho.

Open Range

Beverly and Jim Deem
For a long time, a lady who calls herself DeeBev has been a regular commenter on our Blog! When it appeared that we would be traveling near where Bev and Jim live, we made a date to meet in the Town of New Meadows in Idaho.

Tránsito was getting his gas tank filled when Bev and Jim spotted us. All three of us went inside Scampy to chat. What a great time!

Jim and Bev

A&W Root Beer
Back in 1983 I took over a closed A&W and converted it to a roller skating car-drive-in. We called it, Evie's Drive-In and it was located in Pleasant Hill California. [My wife's name was Evie]

Evie's was a big success. Friday and Saturday nites, old-time cars crowded in to experience how it was back in the 1950s.

Here in the Town of New Meadows, there is an A&W. I just had to go there to enjoy a made-fresh-in-store root beer float. Wow!

One Hour Cleaning
I just completed one-hour cleaning Tránsito's right side including tires, wheel covers, and black plastic trim.

Boy-O-Boy! The outside sure gets dirty fast! But, I'm sticking to my commitment to clean only one side per day. That's one side of Scampy or one side of Tránsito. Not both.



  1. Well we figured out how to keep you clean by suggesting a solar shower
    Now we can work on the trailer and the truck self service car wash
    Drive-in ,,spray the soap ,,wash the car trailer ,,and drive out
    now on the inside,, I wouldn't suggest you bring the car washer hose inside because that would be more labor-intensive,, and your libel to shot circuit something
    No I know you're the type of guy that likes things that are free so here is the other plan
    Park close to the river.. I'm sure you have a bucket a brush and some dish soap
    River water and labor is free,,,,,,, remember FREE is good

    1. Just don't pollute the water with non-eco friendly soap or oil washed off from Scampy or Transito. That would be bad and kill the salmon fish if any in the water. Better to take to car wash.

    2. Hi Ed,

      You are always looking out for me. And suggesting stuff that will help me.

      I appreciate your comments!



    3. Hi Rita,

      Don't be worried about water pollution from stuff that I do.

      Perhaps Mister Ed was not completely serious with his "river water" cleaning comment?



  2. Such a pleasure to have met and chatted with you! I enjoy your blog a lot and it means even more now. Did we meet in another life? We chatted like we were lifetime friends. Joyous day for us.

    1. Hi Beverly!

      Isn't it a miracle that we two, who only knew each other electronically, actually got to meet face-to-face?!

      Perhaps we are now destined to meet again in a future life?

      Bye for now,


  3. Rita you're absolutely right
    You're right I should have suggested biodegradable soap
    Even so I knew Mr. G who would not pollute the river under any circumstances
    However I think up at the headwaters where the mining companies operate and the farmers midstream do far more damage


  4. Do you know how close to us you are ? We bought an RV park 8 miles west of Wells NV called Welcome Station. 5 acres of the greenest grass in all of northern NV. In google maps just enter Welcome NV and it pinpoints us.

    1. Hi Steve,

      I would have liked to stop by your RV park.

      When I read your comment, I checked how far away your park is from where I am now.

      It's 7-hours, 450 miles!

      Maybe some other time?



  5. Hey George..Maybe you should have stopped at Zim's hot springs?..Al is quite the character..his wife Linda is just quiet..The water is warm and the campsites are quite inexpensive in relation to the rest of the world..Sadly...(state parks..NFS..BLM's....etc....