Thursday, June 14, 2018

Second Opinion

7:36 am:
Reader Mister Ed has commented that I should get a second opinion for the repairs that the Rokstad Ford has informed me are required for my 2012 Ford Transit. I have chosen Emerald Automotive in Ponderay Idaho for that second opinion.

Also, although I asked Ford service for an itemized copy of the work order, I've not received one. First thing this morning I'll ask again for that work order.

7:49 am:
Grilling Cheap Steaks
There are a lot of websites with videos showing how to turn a cheap steak into Filet Mignon!

Yesterday I gave it a try! I purchased what was labeled a Chuck Eye Steak with a $7.99 price per pound. This was NOT the cheapest price per pound. There were $2.99/lb steaks offered.

I bought Morton Coarse Kosher Salt and applied that salt as instructed. Then I followed Weber Grilling Instructions.

So, what was the result? Not filet mignon! It's just BS!

Cheap steak tastes cheap!

9:07 am:
Hatikvah [The Hope]
Is a Jewish poem and the national anthem of Israel. I am emotionally moved by Hatikvah and have memorized the words phonetically.

I have been studying reading in Hebrew for a couple of years. Every day an email arrives with a Hebrew word which I attempt to pronounce.

This morning I stumbled upon Hatikvah on YouTube and when I watched the video the lyrics were displayed in Hebrew, English phonetics and English.

I began reading the Hebrew lyrics and it soon came to me that I was able to read every single word in Hebrew!

Wow! Double Wow With Sugar On It!

11:38 am:
I got that 2nd opinion
I've canceled the entire repair job with Ford. That included the major cost item to get the Anti-Lock Braking system replaced for $1,724.

I will get the front drive axle replaced because of the punctured boot. Not at Ford because I got a price to do that job at an independent shop for $200. Ford wanted $431.

Nite Camp Note:
I made our Nite Camp shown in the map link below. However, I was not able to publish that link until the following afternoon [5pm 06/15/2018] because of not having any internet connection. That was only a few minutes ago.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: Unknown feet



  1. I agree with Mr. Ed to always get a second opinion. Dealerships tend to quote stuff not needing repairs. I recently was told I need front end work by dealer. I took it for second opinion by an auto shop with good reviews. The mechanic called me into the repair bay and showed me how to test repairs needed for front end work. According to his testing that he showed me, the repairs were not needed. Mechanic said I could drive my truck to NY and back with no problems. Same with a/c not cooling. Dealer said I need new compressor. I took truck to an a/c repair shop and they said a wire had come loose and they reattached it at no charge. A/c has been working fine all these years since.

  2. You purchased the $7.99/lb. steak. If you didn't like the texture and flavor of that steak, you can imagine what the $2.99/lb. steak would have tasted like. I've experienced that a lot of salt makes beef tough, but instead marinate cheap cuts in bottled Italian salad dressing overnight and makes them more tender and enhances flavor.

  3. George, have you considered getting a newer version of Miss Tioga? It seems like she worked out pretty well for you, is the better gas mileage of Transito and Scampy really significant considering your style of travel?

    You can get a very nice Class C (or Class B) motorhome for the price of that F-150 pickup.

  4. Hi Lou commented, a friend of mine bought a 1990 Tioga a couple of years ago. He paid $4,500. Needed about $1,200 generator repair and a replacement fridge. Also a new battery. Later replaced the tv. Runs fine. But may be larger than you want to drive.

  5. Maybe you could price a used 4wd from a private party.

  6. I'm a GRILL freak,,,,
    So I ask you this question do you like your steak raw-medium rare or well done
    I only cook two kinds of steak (thick)tenderloin $9.99 or (thick) cowboy ribeye$10.99
    Each steak has to be room temperature (two hours before you cook )
    Season it 1/2 hour before you cook
    I use pink Himalayan salt (table salt and kosher salt are a no no they have sodium chloride)
    But don't overdo the salt as your would table salt.
    Pepper to your liking?
    Hot grill,, High heat,, six minutes per side,, (anything longer than that start chewing on your flip-flops )remember this is a 1.3/4 to 2 inch steak.
    I can't speak for $7.99 steak in cowboy country but I do know you get what you pay for?? (and if we can afford it $$, we deserve the best)

    1. Sodium chloride is salt.

    2. Dan
      You're absolutely right
      If you're going to chastise me,, let me make it clear,,
      ( table salt )
      is Sodium and chloride, Trace minerals include phosphorus, bromine, boron, zinc, iron, manganese, copper and silicon.Potassium, iodine, glucose and calcium silicate,

      Pink Himalayan sea salt
      The Meadow lists elements found in Himalayan salt in addition to sodium and chloride. In alphabetical order, they are: actinium, aluminum, antimony, arsenic, astatine, barium, beryllium, bismuth, boron, bromine, cadmium, calcium, carbon, cerium, cesium, chlorine, chromium, cobalt, copper, dysprosium, erbium, europium, fluorine, francium, gadolinium, gallium, germanium, gold, hafnium, holmium, hydrogen, indium, iodine, iridium, iron, lanthanum, lead, lithium, lutetium, magnesium, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, neodymium, neptunium, nickel, niobium, nitrogen, osmium, oxygen, palladium, phosphorus, platinum, plutonium, polonium, potassium, praseodymium, protactinium, radium, rhenium, rhodium, rubidium, ruthenium, samarium, scandium, selenium, silicon, silver, sodium, strontium, sulfur, tantalum, tellurium, terbium, thallium, thorium, thulium, tin, titanium, uranium, vanadium, wolfram, yttrium, ytterbium, zinc and zirconium.
      If you've read this far let me make it clear I still like Himalayan pink sea salt
      Over the crappy table kind
      It has a totally different taste

    3. I have to agree with Mr. Ed on the Himalayan pink sea salt. It has a less harsh salt taste and so much better for you.

    4. Oh my gosh! I do love Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and all the A through Z stuff that is in it

  7. While I HATE stealerships and their inflated prices I would generally feel "better" about the work being done versus a random shop. Ford knows a lot about fords.

    1. Maybe they know too much to tell us a repair is needed when it isn't be it boils down to integrity. They do that to elderly and women...but I wasn't born yesterday.

    2. Agree that Ford knows a lot about Fords. But any reputable independent repair shop knows about ordinary drive axles and CV boots and how to replace/repair them.

  8. We use a dealer for the inspection and repair list. It has a price. From there we find our own mechanic, follow the list and repair the items. When we buy a car, used, we do the same and use the inspection list to negociate the price. Well worth it.

  9. Hey George
    If you're looking for a new truck, try to find a new Ford F150 LTD. Lot less money for a lot less bells and whistles that usually malfunction.
    Don in Okla.

  10. George- I wanted to echo the comment that a 1/2 ton pick up is too small for a slide in camper. I have a 3/4 ton and had an RV dealer try to sell me a camper that was only appropriate for a 1 ton. There are some lighter popup campers but I'm not sure that would fit your needs.


  11. ponderay
    Looks like a neat little town, it even has a Walmart and Sears, and the fairground has camping and you can even take in a 4H rodeo bull contest next week, how cool is that 👍

  12. Everyone tells George what to do! Well George have fun sorting it all out, I am sure that there are many well intentioned folks giving input, just seems confusing to me. Keep on having fun!

  13. The $3./lb. steak can be a good choice, too, but is unlikely to shine as "steak". Cut into cubes and used as stew meat with an abundance of onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes, it makes a really nice meal, with plenty of leftovers for subsequent repasts.

    Some grocery stores will grind this meat for you to use as you would regular hamburger. This assures that the resultant ground meat has all come from the same animal. This is not always true when purchasing packaged ground meat.

    Virtual hugs,