Monday, June 04, 2018

Weiser Idaho

Today we are heading toward the City of Weiser Idaho.

Our Evening Camp and Nite Camp yesterday was located across the street from the library in Baker City. Our Morning Camp today is the same location.

The WiFi from the library is excellent. It's a better data connection then T-Mobile provides!

Fitness Club
This morning I am going to try working out at a local fitness club. Yesterday when I went to the fitness clubs here in Baker City, they were both closed.

When Google searched for a fitness club here in Baker City, it came up with a nearby YMCA! Only $8 for a workout! $2 off because I am a senior. 😎

The equipment here is excellent. Nice shower too. The first time that I had a real shower since 24 Hour Fitness in Reno. Only sponge showers on-the-road.

Scampy has a real shower. I don't like using it [I don't know why?].

City of Weiser
We have just setup an Afternoon Camp in front of Weiser High School [Home of the Wolverines!].

On the way here, we drove along the Snake River.

The Mighty Snake River

A short drive after spotting the Snake River, we drove by farms. The crops growing in the fields are so very green!

It seems to me that farmers whose land is close to the Snake River have enough water to grow even water-intensive crops.

A farm close to the Snake River

Mountain Time
We just adjusted Scampy's clock for Mountain Time. This clock is not one of those self-adjusting digital clocks. It's the old-fashioned clock with hands.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,180 feet



  1. When you get to New Meadows, you will be 2 miles from us! We could buy you lunch.

    1. Hi Dee,

      I would love to meet you! 😎



  2. Why not get a 2 gallon solar shower?? ( RV store or Walmart has them )
    Fill it up in the morning Set it outside in the sun,,even if you're driving it will still get warm or hot
    If you don't mind taking a shower in your bathing suit birthday ,,, or no birthday suit is optional?
    Bout 2/ 3 o'clock in the afternoon you could have a nice warm or hot shower.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Very true! Good idea! 😎



  3. George and team are "living the dream!" Go Team George, go.

    1. Hi Kent,

      That's exactly right!

      We are living the dream! 😎 And we shall continue that dream as long as we can!