Thursday, June 28, 2018

WiFi vs T-Mobile

11:05 am pm:
It appears that T-Mobile is going to continue being weak in Idaho. When I write weak, I mean really, really slow. This morning I ordered one item on Amazon, and it took more than 30 minutes with me mostly waiting for downloads!

When the Scampy Team heads east to Montana and Wyoming, T-Mobile coverage may continue the same. We plan using WiFi instead of T-Mobile.

Right now we at the Holiday Inn at Ponderay. The WiFi is strong here.

Omelet with sausage and cheese. 
Swiss Miss dark hot chocolate.

12:55 pm:
Amazon and WalMart

This morning we did buying chores. At Amazon, a nice pair of 11-size mocassin slippers were returned, and 12-size ordered.

Anyway, we brought the return to Amazon to a UPS store and sent that off. 

Then went to WalMart. We had ordered a Primo brand water bottle with a pump a few days ago from WalMart.

When we picked this stuff up, the bottle was wrong! But a capable WalMart lady with 17-years W/M experience was able to locate the correct bottle right there in that store! Two other WalMart persons, one online and one in the store could not find the right Primo bottle!!

Somebody with an MIT engineering degree is needed to assemble the pump to the bottle. Fortunately, I have inherited quality engineering talent from my Dad!

1:30 pm:
Montana Bound
It seems to be too late in the day to head out for Montana. Especially because we want to make a visit to see our friends Steve and Elizabeth Willey one more time.

So, we will head up to the Willey's and then Nite Camp near their home. We plan to head out for Montana tomorrow morning! Exciting! 😎

2:30 pm:
At the Willey's
I love to visit with Steve and Elizabeth. They are sweet, unassuming people. Bear the Dog is sweet too.

We have a lot in common in our experiences. Steve and Elizabeth are pioneers in solar power since the 1970s. And I've been messing with powering my RV using solar panels since 2003.

Bear the Dog, Elizabeth, and Steve.
In front of their 100% solar powered home.

7:45 pm:
Kootenai River Brewing Company
We arrived in the Town of Bonners Ferry, close to the Montana border. After scouting the town, we decided to have supper at the Kootenai River Brewing Company.

Nearly every single person that we met in Idaho, has been sooooo friendly. We on the Scampy Team love that! This restaurant is so friendly too!

The bartender told us that we would not be bothered overnite camping at the nearby fairgrounds. That's what we decided to do.

1/2 of supper!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 1,772 feet



  1. So happy that you are having so much fun....I can sense it in your writing!

    1. Hi Kent,

      You are so very correct about having fun. I'm glad that how I feel comes thru in my Blog!

      Thank you!