Monday, July 09, 2018

Blessing View

8:16 am:
We have named where we are Camp Confluence because it is at the confluence of two creeks. Giefer Creek and Mule Creek.

Boid and George awoke this morning just past 7am. It was not until 8:16 am that the rear window blind was raised. First, we had to do our morning things!

And then, the miracle of our Blessing View was revealed! My-Oh-My! We both wondered what a life spent in this perfect place would be like?

Well, not Montana in the Winter time of course. After all, we are California people!

Looking out Scampy's window!

Is that a blessing view?


8:37 am:
Blogging With Notes
We are guessing that you may be interested in how this Blogging With Notes thing works? Are we right?

Well, OK then!

We open a new note for each day. The first line has the date. Then, the Blog is written just as though we are online with Blogger.

We copy/paste pics into Blogging With Notes. Just as we have done with the pic below! First, the pic is edited using the Photos App.

Blogging With Notes on George's MacAir.

9:21 am:
Today's Agenda
After breakfast George has in mind cleaning Mr. Dometic, our hard working fridge. Next comes the toilet room.

We may have mentioned our goal before leaving Camp Confluence. That goal is to have everything on The Team in Apple Pie Order!

Speaking about Camp Confluence, yesterday Little iPhone captured a neat pic of a framed picture hanging on the inside Zip’s Place. This photo details the history of Zip’s Place and the story of Zip Kimmet!

2:00 pm:
Kalispell Montana
We have a lot of stuff to do in Kalispell. But the main thing is to go to an AT&T store to arrange for porting out from T-Mobile.

First I was with Verizon, and they were not able to arrange to have their equipment to work. My JetPack had a bad battery, and I wanted them to send me a replacement battery. They told me that they did NOT stock batteries. It would be necessary to buy/obtain a new JetPack to get a new battery.

Can you imagine that??

Anyway, I finally talked Verizon in exchanging my JetPack for another JetPack. Would you believe that the replacement had the same battery problem?

Another thing was that Verizon practiced overbilling. They are infamous for that practice! So, I switched to T-Mobile. 

For 3-months after I switched to T-Mobile, Verizon kept charging me for monthly service. When I complained about that error, Verizon charged me anyway! Then turned my account over for collection! 

Can you imagine that?

This is a decent and honest company. Only thing is, T-Mobile's coverage is sooooo small! In Idaho and Montana, T-Mobile strength is so very weak!

That is the reason that George is arranging for porting from T-Mobile to AT&T.

PS: George eventually decided to get an AT&T Velocity device instead of porting our existing phone from T-Mobile to AT&T.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,911 feet


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