Saturday, July 07, 2018

Camp Geifer Creek

8:21 am:
Camp Giefer Creek
This is our first morning at Giefer Creek. There is a lovely blue sky and white billowy clouds.

[Pic of Giefer Greek]

We have just checked our fresh water tank. Pretty near empty. This means that if we are to continue boondocking, an accessible creek must be found.


9:40 am:
Fantastic Camp Site!
We dropped Scampy. George and Transito drove up to Zips Cabin looking for a creek. What we found, blew the Scampy Team’s collective minds!

First off, the creek we found is sooooo beautiful. And. it’s not one creek. It is two creeks! The confluence of two creeks is only 10-yards away.

Geifer Creek confluence with Mule Creek

10:00 am:
Water Help
Since we do not have any water bucket, a water carrying method was devised by George.

It consisted of a plastic bag wastebasket liner which might hold 1-gallon. With George’s balance issues getting in the way, two bags were filled,

We only need 5-gallons to fill Scampy’s fresh water tank. Two bags with one-gallon each was all we could manage. The other three-bags popped!

We needed water help!

10:30 am:
Bob, Angela, Lin & Johnny……
… are living at Zip’s Cabin, just up the road from our camp site.

George walked up the road to see if water could be obtained from them?

Bob had a 5-gallon bucket which he and his daughter Lin filed at the cabin’s water well. The well had a pump with a long handle.

It only took one trip to the well for Bob to fill Scampy’s freshwater tank!

[L-R] Johnny the dog, Lin and Bob.

Zip’s Story

1:10 pm:
Breakfast At Camp Zip
George prepared breakfast which consisted of an omelet, sausage and rye toast.

[Breakfast eggs, toast, sausage pic is missing!]

Fixing Red chair
Yesterday, besides iPhone falling down with Mr. TriPod attached, George sat down in the red chair and the right arm busted at the connection to the frame!

We are going to buy a new and better chair when we are back out of the boondocks. Until then, George made a temporary fix using thread and electrical tape.

2:20 pm:
Fridge Exhaust Fan Project
This project has been hanging fire for a very long time. A year or more!

George retrieved the exhaust fans from Transito’s storage. There are three tiny cheap fans and one kinda good looking larger fan.

About a year ago, George ran a pair of 20 gauge wires from a 12-volt source inside Scampy to the place where a fan would be located. So, all that was necessary was to connect the fan to these wires. The fan worked!

George set the now operating fan underneath Mr. Dometic’s cooling unit. We would not learn until tomorrow if the exhaust fan would make a difference.

PS: The next day we were not able to perceive any difference!

Note: Lately, Mr. Dometic’s inside temperature has been topping out 
at 51℉!

[Exhaust Fan under cooling unit pic is missing!]

3:22 pm:
Boid Loves Bugs
Boid and George are outside at the creekside of our Camp. We are looking at the creek flowing down from the right. Then we noticed that a smaller creek comes in from the left! The confluence of these two creeks is about 10-yards to the right of where Boid and George are standing.

Looking at our Maps.Me App, we learned that the larger stream is named “Geifer Creek”. The smaller stream is named “Mule Creek”.

[ConfluenceGeiferAndMuleCreeks.jpg is missing!]

4:32 pm:
Boid Loves Bugs & Leafs
Baby Boid really gets excited being outside in his cage because of the bugs!

Boid’s sharp eyes find those bugs. Sometimes a bug will land on his cage, and Boid tries hard to beak the bug.

I asked Boid, “Are you trying to eat that bug?”

Boid answered, “That’s crazy”, George. “ Who knows where that bug has been??”

Above is a video of Boid eating leaves!]\


6 pm:
Stay Or Go?
When George went in to prepare supper, Scampy wondered if we were going to remain at Camp Giefer Creek for another nite?

George asked Scampy: “Why do you want to know?”

Scampy replied: “Because this is a very nice camp!”

9:35 pm:
Little iPhone decided to venture out as the Sun was close to setting and hung around out there in order capture a possible colorful view.


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 4,549 feet



  1. Beautiful pics, great text. Sounds just like the old days George!

  2. Glad to see your posts! Sounds like much fun and tranquility.

  3. Now that you've given us all a heart attack for being off-line for the last five days consider yourself being scolded
    We were about ready to send a deputy dog Ranger Rick and Yogi the bear,,, boo-boo wasn't much help he was trying to get into the picnic basket ,, so it's glad to see you're OK

  4. the best folding chair I have ever found is the strongback I have one and it is very comfortable and supportive not cheap but neither is quality.

    happy trails,

    Your friend, Florida Mike