Friday, July 06, 2018

Cleaning Time

8:14 am:
Summer Cleaning
When setting up Scampy and TrĂ¡nsito, George bought a bunch of plastic container boxes from The Container Store. Two of Scampy’s cabinets use these boxes in order keep stuff orderly.

The inside of those boxes gets filthy pretty fast. This morning George dumped the contents of one of those boxes to find something. Wow! That box needed cleaning badly!

So, right here at Yesterday’s Nite Camp in the forest, we are doing Summer Cleaning.

Good thing that George loves to clean stuff!


8:54 am:
Heading Out
We have decided to prepare breakfast down the road. We will prepare the chicken too.

George blogged to you about the chicken yesterday. We bought two kinda large chicken breasts yesterday when we went shopping. They were so large that I asked the butcher to chop them in half.

11:21 am:
Camp Giefer Creek
During this morning’s trip, The Scampy Team wandered along perhaps 
10 dirt-roads looking for our Nite Campsite. Nearly every time, the complaint was “Too Much Traffic Noise” from the highway which was only about 200 yard distant.”

A little while ago we spotted a US Forest Service sign off US #2 announcing “Zips Cabin” with an arrow pointing toward a dirt road. The dirt road took us away from US #2 and we followed it for about a mile.

Before we arrived at the Zips Cabin site, there was another USFS sign pointing down yet another dirt road. This road led to the Giefer Creek trailhead parking area.

Wow! As soon as we all looked this site over, we became sooooo excited! Baby Boid tweeted his loudest tweet:

“George!”, tweeted Boid, “Let’s camp here for a whole week!”

[Pic at Camp near West Glacier is missing!]

11:44 am:
Setting Up At Camp Giefer Creek
There is an opening between trees that has shade in the morning until we’re guessing about 2 pm. We backed Scampy in there.

This placement puts Mr. Yingli, our solar panel, in the Sun for much of the day.

1:32 pm:
Going Outside
Little iPhone: “George, it’s such a nice day. Why don’t we go outside?”

When went to go outside, our gorgeous screen door just fell over! Inspection showed that perhaps the little strings that were threaded thru the screen might keep this from happening. Two of those strings had broken over recent weeks and the screen kept on working as before.

[Pic of broken screen door is missing!]

1:55 pm:
iPhone Disaster!
Boid and George wished to have our pic captured together while sitting outside in the shade. We asked Little iPhone if he would do it. iPhone set himself up and took several shots.

Then, a dastardly sudden breeze grabbed poor Little iPhone and blasted him and TriPod over!! iPhone landed smack on his protective clear cover. His cover is now busted in a zillion places!

It was the sharp rocks in the road that got to iPhone!

The same thing happened to George a few weeks ago when he fell backward in that parking lot after the accident!

2:55 pm:
While George was capturing pics of those steel contraptions, I was stumbling with every step. I did not fall over. But I was very uncomfortable.

Transito was watching me. He suggested: “George! Why don’t you use that fallen twig over there for a cane?”

Thank you, Transito. That twig worked great!

8 pm:
Gorgeous Nite Sky
Little iPhone went outside after supper and captured a gorgeous pic of the sunset!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 4,568 feet

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