Sunday, July 01, 2018

Credit Cards

7:10 am:
We usually pay off our three credit cards on the first of the month. However, here we are on July 1st and we are offline. We will be keeping our eyes looking for a WiFi.

Yesterday we found a WiFi at the Yaak River Tavern. We were able to publish our 06/29/2018 Blogging With Notes from this friendly place!

Their WiFi was not a secure connection. So, we did not go online to pay off our credit cards.

Yaak River Tavern

9:35 am:
Trailer Hitch Cable
When we were about to head out from the Pete Creek Campground, we noticed that something was wrong. Scampy's marker lights did not come on!

You have to understand something about me. I absolutely love to fix things. When something goes wrong, I am in 7th because I get to fix it!

This cable connector from Tránsito has been having connection problems for awhile. Up until now, the bad connection was corrected by wiggling the connector from Scampy. But today, that wiggling cure did not work!

First, I tried checking the voltage coming from Tránsito's side of connector. Using a multi-meter, I was not able to get a reading. I never figured out why I was not able to get a voltage reading!? Then I tried checking the cable connection at its source. That connection was buried in a place that was very difficult to get to.

Next, I wanted to check the cable connector assembly coming out of Tránsito. In order to do this checking, it was necessary to disassemble Tránsito's connector completely. A kinda complex job! Four screws secure the connector to its support bracket. The bracket itself is secured to Tránsito's bumper.

The hitch cable assembly was installed at U-Haul, and they did a terrible job! The screws holding the connector bracket to the bumper did not use lock washers or lock nuts. As a result, the connector became loose and the bracket became bent.

I disassembled the entire connector assembly. Then straightened out the bent bracket. Although there did not appear to be anything wrong with the electric connection, I was still NOT able to get Scampy's marker lights to light up!

 I decided to reassemble everything and take this problem to an RV repair shop.

When everything was reassembled, the marker lights came on!!! At first, I figured that the marker light that I had been checking had burned out. But that marker light was illuminated too.

During the repair process, I had sprayed DeoxIT® D-Series - Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator into the male and female connectors. Then cleaned the inside of the female 7-pin connector that had been sprayed with Deoxit using Q-tips. The Q-tips came out greasy and dirty! I kept using clean Q-tips until they came out clean.

Man-O-Man! I sure do love it when I am able to fix something!

12:30 pm:
Bound for the Village of Rexford
About 100 miles east of Pete’s Campground is the Village of Rexford. The Kootenai River flows by Rexford.

We could have taken a 52-mile route. But George did not trust our Maps.Me App! Foolish guy!

George figured that if we followed Maps.Me’s directions, who knows the quality of forest roads that we would be going on? So, we stuck to the main road, Montana Highway #37.

We did not find out until about an hour ago, that we traveled an unnecessary 50-miles because George is an unbeliever!

1:05 pm:
Traveling Montana Hwy #37
This road is one of those that goes up a mountain, then down the other side of that mountain. Little iPhone kept hoping for a terrific ridgeline view. Several times we thought that the ridgeline was coming up. Then the road kept climbing!

Finally, we came to a beautiful ridgeline view.

Fabulous Ridgeline View

11:20 am:
Approaching the Town of Rexford
When we were only about 5-miles from Rexford, Little iPhone captured a pic of the Montana Hwy #37 bridge across the Kootenai River.

Clever Little iPhone captured a pano of the bridge because the bridge is sooooo long. A regular camera shot would not have captured the entire bridge.

Whatta you think of that Little iPhone?

Highway #37 Bridge Across the Kootenai River

11:40 am:
T-Mobile comes and goes!
After we crossed the Montana Hwy #37 bridge, we kept our eyes glued on Little iPhone’s T-Mobile signal. That signal is elusive!

As we approached Rexford, we just knew that the T-Mobile signal would be strong when we actually entered the town.

We were sooooo wrong! Not even a peep from T-Mobile. But we used a secure WiFi from the Frontier Bar and Restaurant in to publish our 06/30/2018 Blog Post.

3:40 pm:
Publishing our 07/01/2018 Blog Post
Now we are publishing our July 1st Blog using the WiFi at Frontier Bar in the Town of Rexford. It took a couple of hours to tweak that post from Blogging With Notes to the Blogger format. But we do not mind. Because being able to write our Blog when we are not on the net is well worth the extra work!

Meanwhile, I ordered a great tasting supper from the Frontier Bar. It's a
6-oz Grilled Salmon steak with a baked potato and Cheesecake for dessert!

I eat well!

5:44 pm:
Nite Camp
After leaving Rexford, we began a search for our Nite Camp. We hoped for a Camp that had a T-Mobile signal. But that is likely too much to ask for.

BUT! We found one! Only a 1 to 2 bar signal. But that was enough for us to be online all evening long!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,685 feet



  1. George, I'm confused about the "secure" wifi that you used at the Frontier Bar. How was that wifi connection different from the wifi at the Yaak River Tavern. I understand that when we use our personal, password protected mifi's that we have more security than public wifi but how are you determining that a public wifi is secure?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Good question!

      The Frontier Bar has an open WiFi, but it did not connect to the internet. So, they gave me the password for their secured WiFi.

      I did not use that secure WiFi to pay off my credit cards. I waited until I was in an area with a T-Mobile signal to pay off credit cards.



  2. George, I'm using a weBoost cellular signal booster. They're not cheap, at $499 USD. But boy, does it ever work well. I'm impressed.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I gotta get me one of those WeBoost boosters. For sure!!

      Thank you sooooo much for the Heads-Up!



  3. I have not tried this, but am wondering if having a cheapie burner phone on a different network from your iPhone might provide an emergency connection for you.

    In researching this, I ran across a dynamic chart showing choices.

    Not being able to publish your blog post, or pay your credit card bills at a certain moment is just a nuisance for you, but should you need to call for assistance, this tandem coverage might prove useful.

    I have seen plans with few minutes and data that are not very costly, and might prove useful when you are in areas where coverage is spotty at best with your main carrier.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Hi Judiei,

      Good thinking!

      I am going to give your Burner Phone idea some thought!



  4. Not sure if you can see this but if you had something like this you wouldn't have hesitated about going the short way.

    1. Hi Don,

      Very good looking rig! Bright red tow vehicle. Nice! l like that rig a lot.

      In the World of RVing, every choice is a compromise.

      With Tránsito as my towing vehicle, I am able to carry all my hand tools, a ladder, groceries, fuses, batteries, etc. Everything that I may require to fix or constuct almost anything!

      I am able to build a small wood building out in the forest! With enough wood, make that a large wood building.


      PS: I may need a helper for the large wood building.


  5. Thanks for mentioning the contact cleaner. I'm having a similar problem, and I didn't think of that as a possible fix. I'm going to give it a try.

    1. Hi Max,

      DeoxIT® D-Series - Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator has worked for me Big Time!

      Once I was camping in Canada, north of Glacier Park. My DataStorm Satellite Antenna stooped working. This is a calamity for a serious Blogger.

      I headed back to the USA for the closest DataStorm dealer. When the dealer's engineer checked out my DataStorm, he was not able to locate the problem!

      I then sprayed my DeoxIT on all the circuit's connectors. About fifteen minutes later, DeoxIT had worked its magic! And the DataStorm began working again.

      Very oiften, DeoxIT does not do its work for awhile after application. On a badly affected circuit, it takes a bit of time in order for the deoxidizing to get the circuit working again.

      Yesterday, Scampy's marker light circuit did not get working again for over an hour after applying DeoxIT!