Monday, July 23, 2018

Five Springs Campground

Yesterday afternoon, George, the Scampy Team's driver got really sleepy. We were still 27 miles away from our destination of Lovell Wyoming. Right at that moment, we came upon a road that led up a mountain.

So, here was the situation. We could take that mountain road and find our
Nite Camp where George could sleep. Or, we could press on for Lovell Wyoming while George was sleepy. The Scampy Team decided on the mountain road option.

Later that evening, after dark, we learned about Five Springs Campground. This place had very excellent ratings! [Link] Although we were only 5-minutes and 1.4 miles away from what appears as a beautiful place, we should not drive in the dark on a mountain road! So we stayed put.

This morning we decided to head up there! But first, Little iPhone wanted to go outside to capture an image of The Early Morning View.

Early Morning View

8:02 am:
Creek Camp
We were just about to head out from our Nite Camp, bound for Five Springs Campground. That was when Little iPhone began jumping up and down. iPhone was standing at the edge of the hill and pointing wildly at something way down there!

"George! George! Look what's down there!" George went and got his binoculars to see what all the commotion was about.

There George saw a dirt road on the opposite side of the highway. That road led to a line of trees. That kind of line of trees that indicates a creek flowing.

Little iPhone asked, "George after Five Springs Campground, can we go take a look-see? Can we? Please?"

What's down that road?

10:55 am:
Scampy Setup at 5-Springs
First thing, Little iPhone and George took a little hike around this lovely place. George had to ford the little creek to get back to Scampy. The trail is a circle.

Of course, Little iPhone was busy as can be capturing pics. He even captured a creek video!

We have leveled out Scampy. Everything looks ship-shape.

Then, Señor Tránsito drove George, Little iPhone, and our newest Team member, Miss MiFi from AT&T, farther up the mountain to get on the net. It's a good thing that we have Miss MiFi on board. She got us connected! Without Miss MiFi, we would not be Blogging to you!

A rock formation that iPhone liked 
[On the way to campground]

View on the trip up to the campground.

Campground entrance.

The Team parked at Five Springs.

Video of the creek flowing thru Five Springs.

1:00 pm:
Late Breakfast
For much of the morning, I felt hunger. But did not stop to prepare breakfast. I don’t know why?

When Tránsito drove some of The Team further up the mountain so that we would be able to get on-the-net, I was hungry then.

About 1pm I just had to eat and prepared an omelet with cheese and white onion. Also, 1-slice buttered Jewish rye toast with raspberry jam. A cup of hot chocolate and 1/2 a cup of apple juice.

Now that I have eaten, I need a nap.

1:33 pm:
Boid's Love Sounds
This afternoon while George was taking a nap, Baby Boid flew out of his cage to make nice on the mirror bird that he loves in the window sticker [A label that reflects like a very small mirror].

Little iPhone recognizing the beauty of Boid's tiny love sounds, quickly captured it all in a video!

Boid's tweeting is very low in volume. 
Turn up your speakers.

4:07 pm:
Up On The Mountain Again
The only site that connects to AT&T's signal is up on the mountain. From our 6,705-foot elevation, so far the AT&T MiFi has not failed!

5:14 pm:
Mr. Dometic's Alterations
Some time back, George added a small fan to Mr. Dometic's lower vent. The fan was not mounted. It just laid on the floor of the lower vent space.

This afternoon, the fan was relocated to the upper vent. The fan is now fastened to the inside of the upper vent cover.

The fan now draws air from the lower vent space to the upper vent space and then out to the atmosphere.

This pic was captured while the fan was still in the lower vent space.

5:52 pm:
At The Creek
Several Scampy Team members are now relaxing in the tree shade only a few feet away from Five Springs Creek.

Among the group are Baby Boid, Little iPhone, Miss MiFi, Mac Computer and George. The Sun is going to set on this place much earlier than most everywhere else. That’s because the Sun’s course thru the sky takes it behind the mountain to the west of us.

6:22 pm:
Exploring Five Springs
So far, we have not explored Five Springs hardly at all. Little iPhone and George took a look-see hike when we first arrived. That’s when George forded the creek. Brave guy that he is!

We plan to do that exploration tomorrow. Oh! By-the-way! We had a Scampy Team meeting during the late morning. It seems that Little iPhone and Mr. Dometic called for a meeting the scope of which is how many days are we going to remain at Five Springs!

George’s feelings were hurt because the meeting was held while George was otherwise occupied. But he quickly got over his injured feelings when Señor Tránsito pointed out to George that staying here will provide him valuable time for project completion!

7:01 pm:
Campers Skidadled!
When the Scampy Team arrived at Five Springs this morning, only one young couple and their dog were here.  All thru the morning, campers kept on arriving. Lots of children with their parents.

By late afternoon, every single one of those campers had skedaddled! The campground is extremely peaceful now. Only the sound of the sparkly creek. And Baby Boid’s happy tweeting!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 6,657 feet



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  2. Well, Thanks for sharing such a informative content with us.

  3. George, after you passed the Five Springs Campground entrance sign, how far was it to to campground? Did they provide you with at least a fresh water hookup and a shower house?

  4. That looks like a lovely place to camp - is it dry camping and will you share the cost? What a peaceful sound the stream makes hope you can hear it where you are parked.

  5. Hi George... the gov description says there is a water connection at Site #1... which is the "camp host" site. Maybe your crew would like to become camp hosts if no one is there now. Just a thought. Have fun. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Information:

  7. Hey George!..You are soooo fun to read, listen to..I now know I am not the only one who talks to my inanimate objects...When I get in trouble is when I do not listen to them....