Monday, July 02, 2018

Fixing and Straightening

11:16 am:
I've spent my morning fixing stuff, straightening up, and generally making things look good with Scampy and Tránsito. It all started when I was looking for a suction cup with a hanger hook.

When I was not able to locate that hanger hook in Scampy, I began to look thru Tránsito's storage area. The storage area has been a mess for a while. To find that suction cup, first I had to straighten things up a bit.

About an hour later, I found that suction cup residing in one of the cabinet storage drawers!

In the meanwhile, Baby Boid seemed to be having his own kind of fun with my cable cords.

Boid messing around.

11:34 am:
Letters to the Post Office
I have a bill due to California DMV. It's the registration renewal.

Also, I want to send a complimentary letter to Lake RV, the trailer shop that repaired Scampy's messed up door. Orville Bayless, the mechanic who did the door work, is a fabulous fiberglass guy!

I'll be returning to Rexford's US Post Office to buy the 2-envelopes that I need.

2:38 pm:
Gasoline & Chinese Food
Tránsito's gas tank is down to 1/4 full. That's too low in these parts where gas stations may be few and far between.

We asked Siri to take us to the nearest gas station and she took us to the Town of Eureka. After getting gasoline, we decided to have lunch at Yong's Restaurant. The sweet and sour pork was very good!

3:49 pm:
Scouting for our Nite Camp
It's time for us to look around for our Nite Camp.

Our Nite Camp in the Town of Eureka
[Eureka's main road is in the distance passed Scampy]

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,632 feet



  1. George, Im guessing you may be headed south towards kalispell. If you have the time I would suggest visiting the Hungry horse reservoir. There is a road going all the way around it but only one side is paved. There are several boat launch areas where you can park/turn around and have a picnic. Very pretty area. I used to live near there. IF you had that pickup camper combo you have been mentioning I could really point you to some neat areas!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      After I leave the Town of Eureka today, I will be heading in the direction of Kalispell. However, I was thinking about going to Glacier National Park.

      That means that I head thru Whitefish and then toward Glacier Park. And will not be going to Kalispell.

      It seems that you may miss Kalispell. Good memories? And that you loved Kalispell? 😍



    2. George. The reservoir is literally a right hand turn between whitefish and glacier. You will see a sign for Hungry Horse Dam just east of the town of Hungry Horse. Even just stopping at the dam is worth a visit because you can walk across it.

      Glacier is pretty but the traffic ruined me. You can get mostly the same views elsewhere with no traffic. I miss kalispell. Had to move so my wife could be closer to ailing family. It pains me everytime I see a photo of mountains. Im stuck in wisconsin for now

    3. Hi again Andrew!

      I am taking your advice on seeing Hungry Horse Dam!

      You commented about Glacier Park traffic:
      "You can get mostly the same views elsewhere with no traffic."

      Please comment back and let me in on where elsewhere places may be found?

      Thank you,


  2. It appears Boid likes fixing things also haha...pecking on a line in his way. I've traveled Hwy93 & it's very scenic drive all the way down to Idaho. Stopped and hiked trails and visited Crater of the Moon. Oh, and I stopped at fruit/veg stands, went to flea markets to buy local canned goods...i.e. huckleberry jam, syrup, candy, peach preserves, etc. Also stopped to eat local 'catch' of fish. I love wine/beer tasting. By the time I come home I'm loaded down with gifts for everyone.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Yes! Boid loves to peck at things. Not hard pecks. Soft ones.

      Boid must feel that he owns his cage, and nothing else should ever inside go HIS cage.

      When I go to change Boid's cage, it's OK with Boid if I go about changing water and his seeds. Also changing the paper towel at cage bottom.

      When I go to pet his blue chest, he tolerates my petting. But he tells me by lightly pecking my finger that I do not belong in there!

      Your comment about where you went and what you did in the State of Montana relates to me how much you enjoyed Montana.