Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Glacier National Park

10:03 am:
The Scampy Team is only 79 miles away from Glacier National Park!

We just checked the Campground Status. Every single campground is
open! [Link]
George and MsTioga at Two Medicine Campground.
Glacier Park, July1st, 2006


10:45 am:
Scampy's Trailer Hitch 
The Team is in good shape. Only a few repairs to go:
➜ Scampy's tongue jack needs new hold-down bolts.
➜ The hitch locking mechanism needs to be replaced.

Neither of these jobs are urgent. But we are keeping our Team's eyes open for an RV repair shop.

1:10 pm:
Headed out from Eureka
We are leaving Eureka now and headed south for Glacier Park.

At about 2:35 pm the Scampy Team pulled over on US #93. That's when we read a comment from Reader Andrew urging us to take a tour around Hungry Horse Dam near Kalispell Montana. So, we are going there!

Andrew also commented about Glacier Park traffic:
"You can get mostly the same views elsewhere [than Glacier] with no traffic."

I've asked Andrew to comment back where Elsewhere might be?

4:51 pm:
City of Whitefish Montana
It's pretty rainy and also getting late in the day. We have decided to make our Nite Camp somewhere around here.

We figured that a Fitness Club was located in Whitefish that is enrolled in the Active&Fit Direct program that we recently joined. When we checked for the closest enrolled Club, we learned that it is located in Kalispell, 13 miles south of Whitefish.

We may go to exercise there tomorrow! [Link]

7:26 pm:
Check This Out
I would like you to view a video.

Perhaps when you see it, you may understand why I asked you to take a look?

Note: [Here] is a story about Randy Vining, an RVer who did what Bob of 
Cheap RV Living talks about in the "Cargo Trailer" video above. Take a peek!

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,033 feet



  1. He’s more than welcome to that trailer!

    1. Hi Bill,

      With a cargo trailer conversion as Bob shows in that video, I would be able to easily tow it with a 4WD truck or van.



    2. You could easily tow Scampy with most any 4x4 truck or van...

  2. Canada is only 100 miles away ... :-)

    1. Actually, Testing, Canada is only 67 miles away from my NIte Camp.

      You may know that I RVeed into Canada several times over my RV life.