Friday, July 20, 2018

Heater Stored for Summer

6:45 am:
Staying at the FMCA rally has provided time to do maintenance on Scampy and Señor Tránsito. For example, replacing Mr. Dometic's lower vent cover.

The old vent cover is made from poor quality plywood and looked ugly. The new vent cover is made from high-quality plywood and will be installed soon. Little iPhone will take a pic of the new cover for you to see.

Catalytic Heater
Our Olympian Wave3 catalytic heater likely will not be used until next December. We have taken the Wave3 down. The heater will be cleaned up and stored while the weather is warm.

7:12 am:
Señor Tránsito's Clutter
A few weeks ago, everything was removed from Tránsito's storage area. Each item was reviewed. Should it be kept or trashed?

It's time to do that clean-up once more. But, this clean-up will be a very deep clean-up. We will go down to items that are never used and yet remain in storage.

Sorting will be a high priority.

2:43 pm:
Heat Stroke!
While Boid and George were taking a nap the temperature must have zoomed! George was unable to open his eyes. He just lay there on the bed. Unable to move off the bed. In kind of a stupor. Boid's wings hung down limply.

The inside temp was 96℉.

"Boid!", said George. "We gotta get outside! Now!"

George managed to swing his legs over the bedside. Then, moved Boid outside. Next came Scampy's bench seat and back. Then the pillows. A bottle of juice from Mr. Dometic. Our thermometer.

After about 30 minutes, the temp where we were outside dropped several degrees to 89℉. Boid began tweeting. George got the Mac computer in order to Blog this story to you.

Boid and George after surviving the terrible heat!

PS: This "Heat Stroke" Blog story was a serious event. No joke! It took me perhaps 20-minutes just to exit Scampy. Both Boid and I could have perished!!

7:06 pm:
Budget Inn Express
Baby Boid and George talked the situation over. We had been thru a terrible time because of the heat and having no air-conditioning.

We decided that a hotel room would be the appropriate place for us to stay tonite. We have just arrived in our hotel room. The bathtub is filled and waiting for George.

Boid is tweedling up on the TV stand, inside his cage. The cage door is open. However, Boid prefers the safety and comfort of his own cage-home.

8:01 pm:
George At Geeks On Tour
We are now settled in our hotel room. Good time to let you in on what I was doing at the Geeks On Tour booth this week. Especially today! Because today was the busiest day for me at the Geeks booth.

While Chris and Jim Guld were giving their major seminar today at the FMCA rally, I was alone at their booth. Understand that the booth is where all the sales action happens.

At the end of the seminar, the booth became deluged with attendees wanting to buy a Premium Membership in the Geeks On Tour program [Link].

I may have taken in sales to 35+ new customers of Geeks On Tour! Sold books. All alone and by myself! Man-O-Man! I am sooooo happy about that!

My experience at the Cutting Board Sandwich Shop located in San Francisco's Embarcadero gave me the ability to handle orders from large streams of customers quickly and efficiently [1976 to 1982]. Today, I did great for the Geeks!

George at Geeks On Tour booth!



  1. Hi George, please be careful. we don't want to hear of you perishing. stay hydrated my friend .

    Annapolis Md

    1. Hi Ray,

      I was too exhausted by the heat to be frightened at what was going on.

      It wasn't until I was already outside and had rested on Scampy's seat cushions for at least half-an-hour that I realized the danger that Boid and I had been in!

      Thank you for writing,


  2. Drink lots of water, George, for the elevated temperature where you are. Also a Gator aid will help restore the electrolytes, please get some.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Never did Gator Aid before!

      Thank you,


  3. Glad you survived George. But even better is the pic of you hustling the sales at the booth. You looked in your element. Have fun!

    1. Hi Bill,

      I just loved working the Geeks On Tour booth. Especially when there was a long line of rally attendees waiting to buy! 😎

      I worked that long line fast!



  4. Just this morning I read a story about a baby being left in a day care bus and dying.

    We don't want that to happen to you George.

    1. Hi Don,

      Yes! That heat stroke that I had was a bit too close!



  5. We were so happy to have the legendary Tioga George with us at the FMCA. Thanks so much for all your help George. See ya down the road.

    1. Dear Chris,

      The coincidences that led to our meeting again after the passing of fourteen years are nothing less than fantastic!

      What a great time I had when a ton of FMCA attendees descended on your Geeky Tiki booth!

      I intend to stay in touch with you and Jim by data.