Thursday, July 12, 2018


6:57 am:
The distance between where the Scampy Team is now in Missoula Montana and our destination of the FMCA rally in Gillette Wyoming is 578 miles.

The rally organizers have asked First Timers to arrive on July 16th. That's four days from today! That's about 150-miles a day!

George has to keep the Pedal to the Metal to do that!

Can this slow pokey guy actually 
drive that much in a day?


8:00 am:
U-Haul in Missoula
Ms. Scampy has asked for her hitch tongue's latch device to be replaced. The latch appears to be getting worn. It wiggles a lot!

Also, the tongue jack's securing fasteners are loose. One bolt may be messed up! Scampy wishes to have them all replaced with new. 

12:37 pm:
Butte Montana
The Team is about 1.5 hours away from Butte Montana. Our Nite Camp may not be in Butte, however. We shall make that decision when we arrive in Butte.

Our U-Haul visit to Missoula was not fruitful. Their mechanic was booked. No problem! The hitch repairs that Scampy wished for are not critical. Later is OK.

3:54 pm:
State Capitol - Helena
We were headed toward Butte, when a sign announced, Helena, State Capitol of Montana 65-miles! Señor Tránsito got all excited! Let's go there! So, we did!

When we arrived, we found Capitol Trailer. Capitol fixed Scampy's hitch problems in only 5-minutes using only wrenches! And for free too!

Needless to say, Scampy is now sooooo happy!

4:57 pm:
Bullman's Pizza
George treated himself out for pizza. Bullman's has 4-3/4 stars! Best rated pizza joint around here!

Lucky George ordered a medium "Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomatoes which comes with Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Red Peppers, and Mozzarella. Topped with Asiago cheese.

The Garlic Oil and Sea Salt-base was changed to House Made Marinara.

5:13 pm:
A Bit Short!
In fact, thirty-seven miles short just today!

The Scampy Team wished to travel 150-miles a day to reach the FMCA Rally in Gillette Wyoming by noon on July 16th. But! We wandered around and only made 117-miles today!

Everybody on The Team is concerned about that George guy. He gets too easily distracted! For example, this afternoon George took-off on a 45-minute side-trip to explore a dirt road along the Little Blackfoot River! Little iPhone was not even able to capture a good pic of that river. Kinda ugly!

Maybe that George needs some stern comments from Readers to get him back on the "Straight-and-Narrow?!"

10:30 pm:
George Messed Up!
Around 7 pm, I went to hook up the new deep cycle battery. Thirty minutes later the battery was connected. The 12-volt vent fan came on. All looked good!

But it was not good.

The electric power coming from the solar panel, then thru the Renogy Battery Charge Controller then to the old House Battery go thru the same hole in Scampy's forward wall as the 7-pin connector powered by Transito's engine battery. The 7-pin connector powers all of Scampy's marker lights.

I was working inside Scampy's cabinet where these two separate circuits come thru the SAME hole from the outside to the inside. Now the 7-pin connector circuit does not work!

I cannot tow Scampy without the clearance/stop lights, etc! Luckily, the new deep cycle battery does power up Scampy's interior lights!

This is what I am fighting! I am barely able to fit my body inside the opening of this cabinet. It is almost impossible to get both of my arms inside the cabinet at the same time!! How am I supposed to connect two of these wires together to make a circuit connection with only one single hand?

The wire mess you see is 3-feet from the opening! What am I to do?

I am not able to untangle this mess enough
to understand the circuit!



  1. Hi George... re the rally.. we went last summer to the Indianapolis rally. Huge! 2500 rv's. Bit, well organized. Lots of volunteers. Golf carts galore to get you to venues. "Honey wagon" dump service
    Water and electric at sites. Electric via generators. Suggest dumping just before arrival if possible. Maybe call re water supply. Ice cream social around lunchtime. Good entertainment at night. Food trucks here and there.
    A really good event to attend. And I predict: you will be a star at the "Geeks" seminars. Looking forward to a video of your event.

    1. Hi Ernie,

      Wow! It might be neat to "be a star at the "Geeks" seminars!"

      Thank you,


  2. Why yes, yes, you can..... may not like doing that 4 days in a row! Good luck getting to your destination in a timely manner.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      What did you think about pic above? Hmmmm?



    2. Sorry, George, for your mess of "spaghetti" pictured above. Hope you get it sorted out real soon.

    3. Hi Sandy,

      Little iPhone took another pic of that wiring after I moved it all from the mess that you see inside that cabinet. And, that was quite a mess.

      I will be Blogging pics as I get it cleaned up!

      Coming soon!



  3. George, you're the envy of many rvers. You can make it. We've done it a couple of times stopping for a 30 minute nap. You'll be posting your arrival on the 16th. You have a great team behind you.

    1. Hi LBM,

      It's great to be the envy of many RVers! Gotta love it! 😍

      I took a bath in my hotel room. A very hot bath too. Ooohhhh, was that a good time for me.

      Bye for now,


  4. George looks awfully mischievous in his picture thinks he won't make it to Gillette in time.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Mischievous? Oh....I don't know about that!

      That George looks kinda devilish to me. 😈



  5. If you find the time or reason to, take the ride about 20 minutes east of Gillette to Moorcroft (where you turn north to Devil's Tower) and have a meal at Donna's Diner