Sunday, July 15, 2018


6:39 am:
Awaiting George this morning, was non-other than Walter Cronkite III, eldest son of the renown Walter Cronkite Jr. who was anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years.

Cronkite: Good morning, George. May I have a word with you?
George: I am honored!
Cronkite: Your Readers are wondering what you intend to do with that big slot that you sawed into Scampy's front wall yesterday?
George: On our return trip to the west coast later this year, we will return to Lake RV in Ponderay Idaho. We have arranged with Orville Bayless to fill in that slot with fiberglass. Lotsa other stuff too!
Cronkite: Why did you replace your old Interstate battery with a new Duracell AGM battery?
George: We were informed that the Duracell would give us amazing power reserve because we have so small a load demand. We estimate that the Duracell will not need any recharging for over 15-years and continue to give excellent performance!

Cronkite: You have spent considerable time over the last few days on Scampy's electric rewiring. How do you plan to arrive at the FMCA rally in time for orientation?
George: We will be traveling at maximum road time today and tomorrow. For me, that will likely mean a nap every 30-minutes! Seniors as old as I am, do a lot of napping each day!
Cronkite: You Blog about yourself in the 3rd person. It's kinda unusual. Is this some indication of a mental disorder?
George: Yes, it is. I have been diagnosed as being stricken with the donut diminishment disorder.
Cronkite: A couple of days ago, you replaced Señor Tránsito's original front tires with Hercules Iron Man RB-12's from Cooper Tire. Why?
George: That was an uncontrollable urge to do stuff for absolutely no good reason. However, Tony the owner of Montana Tire in Helena indicated that having these tires on Tránsito's drive wheels may give better performance on bad roads. 
Cronkite: Thank you for your time.

2:43 pm:

Three Forks to Billings!

Wimpy George pushed 174 miles today! Nearly wiped the old guy out! Would you believe 5-naps along the way! Man-O-Man!

Baby Boid was heard to comment, "We may never get to Billings with all of this nap time!"

Somewhere along the way, we picked up some really tasty good looking fruit!

Our fruit bowl has never been nicer!

3:36 pm:
The FMCA rally is 236 miles away!
That amount of distance likely means that The Scampy Team shall not arrive tomorrow as desired.

Tuesday morning is our ETA.

8:54 pm:
George took a rest and then continued south. Some of these senior people are just plain intrepid!

Battle of the Little Big Horn
Little iPhone captured this US Army pic!


Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 3,717 feet



  1. Posts like this is why I’ll always follow you, George!

  2. George, that was a great interview. was it recorded for you tube ? :)

    Ray K
    Annapolis Maryland USA.

    1. Hi Ray,

      I sure hope so!

      The interview will be played today on CBS Evening News!



  3. LOL five naps!!! Ooops I guessed it'll be a late arrival for the rally. What's wrong with your must be your heart. I was told I had a heart murmur as a child and I'd fall asleep in middle of class sessions. Teachers were told to let me sleep and no recess for me too. Instead, I sat in the cafeteria and I was given eggnog and cookies. I out grew the heart murmur so the old ticker is good and strong. I tire easy from the heat need a nap in afternoon.