Sunday, July 22, 2018


9:46 am:
In the past, the Scampy Team has restricted itself from leveling out at our Nite Camps. We have re-evaluated that decision. From now on we shall level out at all of our Nite Camps.

We restricted leveling at our Nite Camps because of a desire to be stealthy. Thus avoiding detection by our neighbors who may call police on us.

We shall not sacrifice our comfort anymore for the sake of being stealthy!

Scampy Leveled Out!

10:02 am:
We have just finished doing our laundry at the Econ-O-Wash in Sheridan Wyoming.

George met and had a nice conversation with the laundry company's owner who raved about his hometown of Sheridan Wyoming. He also paid a good compliment to Scampy and Tránsito! 😎

2:25 pm: 
Dayton Wyoming
Scampy is parked in front of Dayton Mercantile [Since 1882].

George went inside and talked himself into ordering a Reuben Sandwich which is much larger than he could eat. Saving for later!

[Pic coming!]

6:30 pm:
Mountain Nite Camp
The Scampy Team would like to make their Nite Camp up on a mountain at the 5,721 elevation level. However, we would love to be online.

Sometimes our AT&T MiFi connects to the net, sometimes not?! Sometimes our T-Mobile cellular connection works. Sometimes not!

We have made a Nite Camp off the road to  Five Springs Campground. It is not necessary for us to be in a campground. A wide place along the road is plenty OK! Scampy is nicely leveled out!

We have a very scenic view! 😎

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 6,001 feet