Thursday, July 19, 2018


6:43 am:
This morning Geeks On Tour delivers their seminar:
"What Does This Button Do?". This is a primer on today's iPhones and Android devices.

This afternoon's seminar is, "Smartphone Photography." This is a Hands-On for iPhone photography.

7:14 am:
Mr. Dometic
Our hardworking refrigerator does a spectacular job of keeping refrigerated food at the proper temperature. However, there is a design error in the lower vent cover.

When Scampy is moving down-the-road, air enters the lower vent area thru
8-horizontal vents in the cover. And does so in a turbulent manner too. This causes Mr. Dometic's pilot flame to blow out.

To resolve the issue of the pilot flame blowing out, the original plastic Dometic vent cover was replaced with a vent cover containing an opening on the side opposite the pilot flame. Also, a continuously operating vent fan was installed in the lower vent area.

9:00 am:
Helping Geeks
Good old George went over to the Geeks On Tour booth in order to help out when too many customers showed up at one time.

Also, to staff the booth when Chris and Jim gave seminars.

Chris and Jim delivering their "Smartphones."

Jim Guld demonstrating a "live photo."

5:00 pm:
Scampy's Projects
After leaving the Geeks On Tour booth, it was time to work on my projects. At Home Depot, a 3/8" compression cap was bought to close off a tee in a  propane gas line.

However, when arriving home, it was clear that a 1/2" cap was required. So, back I went for the correct cap. When I arrived home again and attempted to install that cap, it turned out to be not a compression cap.

The thing may be a 1/2-13 standard coarse thread cap! Perhaps incorrectly

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 4,652 feet



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