Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Special Time

8:53 am:
I've been treasuring these last couple of weeks. That's because of the intensity of the work that I've been doing.

As you may know, I love doing projects and repairing things sooooo much! I now suspect that this many quality projects may never come my way again. At least not all at one time.

This is a very special time for me.

9:17 am:
Duplex Box
Now we are back to building the small wooden box which will serve as a duplex box. The 120-volt AC cable that we ran yesterday will terminate in this box.

The box will be mounted on the wall below Scampy's rear the window and above the table. The CyberPower device that we Blogged to you about a couple days ago will plug into this duplex receptacle

This is the perfect location for the power cords that charge our iPhone and Mac computer.

2:36 pm:
Box In Process
It took quite a bit of time to glue up each part of the box. 30-minutes for each piece to set and dry before handling.

But we are getting close now. Before the top of the box may be trimmed, the Gorilla Wood Glue has to be very dry in order for the jigsawing to not rip the glued top off from the box's sides.

Scampy's workshop.

10:51 pm:
Painting the Box
I'm taking a lot of time to paint this box. I spray very light coats. Let the coat dry to the touch. Then spray another coat.

In the past, I've made a mess trying to apply too much paint.

The box still needs several more light coats of paint.


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