Friday, August 31, 2018

Big Cabinet Shelf Day

9:46 am:
This is installation day for Big Cabinet's shelf!

The first thing to do is fabricate the wood blocks for holding the 3/4" PVC tubes in place on Big Cabinet's floor.

After that, we will make a paper pattern the shape of the cabinet's floor and use that pattern to saw the shelf to fit the cabinet.

Then comes the assembling of the cabinet's components inside Big Cabinet. This is the hard part! George has had to do work inside Big Cabinet before [Rewiring the 12-volt DC electrical power circuit]. It is a very tight fit getting head and shoulders inside!

12:22 pm:
Cole and Lori
About a week ago, I met Cole and Lori who live in a 2-story home which is also the location of their business. They call their business, "Rhythm Works." Cole has students who wish to learn how to play drums, bass or guitar.

Lori is a spectacular artist whose eclectic art adorns the walls of their home.

Cole and Lori invited the Scampy Team to camp at their home! We have been camping at Cole and Lori's home ever since!

There are ducks there that lay eggs. Cole prepared a duck egg for George this morning!

George eating a wonderfully tasting duck egg!

George and Cole in front of Rhythm Works.

10:37 pm:
Big Cabinet Shelf Report
George was not able to Blog to you earlier in the day about what was going on with Big Cabinet's shelf installation. George stopped working at around 7pm because he was completely wiped out!

As we Blogged to you earlier, it is assembling the shelf inside Big Cabinet that is really, really difficult. For example, for George to drive a screw into wood outside Big Cabinet takes about 5-seconds.

To drive that same screw inside Big Cabinet might take a 1/2 hour, or more!! The reason for this amount of time is that we are not able to position ourself close to the screw being driven. Most times we are a full arm-length away from that screw.

For example, just to get a Phillips head screwdriver bit seated in a Phillips head screw is sooooo damned hard! The bit moves around. Who is able to hold a powered screw gun steady while holding the gun at arm's length? Then George's arms get tired and he has to put the screwdriver gun down to rest. Then try again. And again. And again!

Anyway, we stopped working while installing some brackets which will secure the table top to the wall of the Big Cabinet. George just ran out of gas.

Almost done! 



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    1. Hi LBM,

      Yes! Rich and sooooo flavorful!

      Made me recall how eggs tasted in the 1940s!



  2. Let's see a long shirt short sleeve shirt over the top,, long pants
    A hat,,, and last week,,, he was complaining it was too hot
    You don't have A pair of longjohns and a snowsuit in that trailer somewhere do you

    1. Hi Ed,

      My 81st birthday is coming up towards the end of this coming November.

      Would you care to by me a birthday present?

      "A pair of longjohns and a snowsuit?"



  3. George is not wearing shorts!

    1. Hi Testing,

      Not that particular day, because the morning temperature was cold.

      Today, however, I am in "T-shirt and short pants weather!"

      Thank you for your comment!